Threaded Comments

By the way, I’ve installed a threaded comment plugin for the site, as it was driving me crazy to not be able to reply to people. It was written by someone who does not speak English as their first language, so you may notice some grammatical oddities in the e-mails you get, if you opt to get e-mails with replies. I’ll get around to fixing the e-mails eventually; it’s a low priority task. 🙂

LJ Integrity

LJ has somehow managed to lose the past 2 months worth of entries. I wouldn’t be shocked to learn that this had something to do with my crossposter, but still…it’s bothersome. I could re-crosspost them all, but then there’s going to be a bunch of duplicates on LJ.

I’m also bugged by LJ forcing ads on non-LJ people, and my paid account has expired. Plus, LJ’s age-blocking stuff annoys the heck out of people. So, here goes…

I’m no longer going to be publishing this blog via LJ. After this post, my LJ account will become just something I use for commenting on other people’s LJs and for posting in communities (what few I still participate in over there). I’ll still be reading my LJ f-list, of course…I just won’t be posting to my LJ. If you still want to read this blog via your LJ F-list, you can add it as a feed by adding this URL as a “syndicated feed” via LJ (or just add it to Google reader or any feed reader that you like to use). Alternatively, you can visit the blog in its home at

LJ has a massive history for me. I just don’t see any reason to keep publishing to it and thus increasing its potential traffic/revenue, even in what minute way my blog increases traffic and revenue. 🙂

(and even getting this entry to post over to LJ is proving to be a trial…)

WordPress 2.6 Permalink bug

For anyone who hasn’t found it through other means, if you upgrade to WordPress 2.6 and you use a custom permalink structure (aka “pretty permalinks”) as I do, there’s a bug. To be specific, if your permalink structure includes a reference to your index.php file, they will no longer work. The workaround is to edit/create your .htaccess to use mod_rewrite and remove index.php from the link, as described here.

I’m not a big fan of using mod_rewrite, but it’s the only workaround to maintain pretty permalinks with WP 2.6. The WP gods are aware of the problem and are determining a proper fix for the next release, but given the workaround, it’s been deemed non-critical.

Password-protected Posting

My blog has the capability to password-protect certain posts. I’m going to be using this feature to mimic the f-lock capability on LJ. Namely, I’m going to create one master password for trusted readers. All you have to do is get the password once and tuck it away somewhere handy.

Having password protection means I could post information about upcoming travel plans (normally, I only post vague information or post info after the trip is done, to prevent the possibility of a burglar using the blog to know when we’ll be home). I can also post certain sensitive things that can’t be shared with the world but could be shared with friends and family.

It’s totally an opt-in if you want the password. Just drop me an e-mail, and presuming you’re in the trusted reader category, I’ll e-mail it to you. You do need to send me e-mail (not just comment) because then I can just reply to send you the password. Otherwise, I need to dig up your e-mail address, verify that it’s valid, etc.

An example of a password protected post, with some semi-juicy content, will follow this one. 🙂

Mail may be glitchy

I just edited my MX records to switch to GAFYD. Don’t be shocked if things bounce during the transition. You can use tsukata at gmail dot com as a backup if it seems like the normal addresses aren’t working.

To G or not to G

It seems like I go through this thought process every month or so on my own, so I figured I’d open it up to the all-knowing f-list. Right now, my primary e-mail is via my domain (tk at tk dot org). This has advantages and disadvantages. The main disadvantage is that when I give out my e-mail address, I have to decide whether the recipient is someone that I am not upset about handing my website out to…and y’all know what I post here, so perhaps you can understand the concern. This, of course, is only a concern when I’m giving my e-mail to someone who also knows my real-life name and who might potentially be the kind of ass who would want to do harm to a person with my proclivities. Thus, 99 percent of the time, it’s not a concern at all. (I do know that my domain/real-life connection is discoverable, but you have to be trying to find it with some tenacity. For example, there are ways to search the wayback machine and link up my real-life name with this domain, but they’re not entirely obvious. Otherwise, if you know that connection, you’re likely someone with equivalent proclivities and/or a liberal mindset such that I don’t imagine you care. And, of course, I operate on the theory of security by volume…that is, to get to the good stuff, you’ve gotta be willing to sift through a massive amount of less interesting stuff.)

Because my work has required me to become a part of several social networking sites (e.g., Facebook) and because I’m looking for other work, I’ve also established a GMail address that is in no way linked to this site (versus my other one, which is tk at gmail dot com). Because that address gets frequent e-mail, I’ve been using GMail more often than I have previously. It’s made me really come to like GMail.

My domain e-mail has also been known to have problems, and when it does have problems, it is not always immediately apparent. I’ll be sending mail having no idea that the recipient isn’t getting it and vice versa. At one point, any e-mail sent from the webmail was not getting to people, but e-mail sent from T-bird was. Weeks went by before I found out and thus pinged my hosting company as to WTF was going on. GMail is far more reliable.

However, I also have some pride in owning my own domain, and in the 99% case, I’m usually happy to be publicizing my domain via handing out my e-mail. It has on more than one occasion served me well that someone I gave my e-mail to then navigated to the domain. I nagged a husband that way. 🙂

I see my options as threefold:
1) Start transitioning friends and family to the (tk @) Gmail address. Set up T-bird to IMAP with the GMail address. Use tk dot org e-mail only for mass e-mails and the like (e.g., when I sign up for e-mails from commercial sites, order confirmations). This removes the problem of directly exposing people to my domain. It’s not like I’d
2) Switch tk dot org over to using Google Apps For Your Domain (GAFYD) for e-mail only. Then, I get the power of G on my tk dot org addresses, mostly…but GAFYD is often behind standard GMail in terms of features. I’m not even confident it has IMAP. It also doesn’t fix the 1% problem.
3) Leave everything as is.

So far, every time I’ve had this discussion, I’ve settled on option 3, as much from inertia as anything. Any thoughts from y’all?

E-mail Downtime

My primary e-mail is back up again (tsukata at my domain). If you have any problems using it, let me know. For any who don’t know, I have a backup Gmail address (tsukata at Gmail) that can be used in times of outages.

Spam Attack

General notice: This site does not send unwanted e-mail. If you have received unwanted e-mail seemingly from, please disregard and direct your internet provider to closely examine the header and footer for the true original sender.

Reminder to friends of this site: Make sure to add e-mail addresses to your address book, especially if you’re using major providers like Yahoo, AOL, or MSN. These providers are notorious for blocking independent domains because they don’t closely check e-mail trace information to determine a true root cause for spam attacks.

(Starting around 3am yesterday, I’m seeing 3-400 bouncebacks every hour coming to the site. This has persisted through today. Yes, I’m getting 10K+ e-mails a day, and yes, I’m managing to survive…yay for Thunderbird. Anyways, that level of volume is a sign that some spambot has decided to use as the fake reply-to/from on their e-mail. This happens about once or twice a year. There’s nothing I can do about it aside from posting this notice in the hopes that other domains double-check before they block

LJ renewal

So, I’m thinking I’m not going to renew my paid sub to LJ. I pay a year at a time, so it’s due. With everything from the past year, I can’t justify giving them funds just so that I can have an adorable foxkeh theme.

Girls’ Camping

Pictures from my girls’ camping trip are up on the gallery. Admittedly, the pictures kind of suck, because I took them with my phone (which doesn’t have a flash or image stabilization) instead of my camera. As it turns out, I had my camera with me the whole time, but I’d hidden it from myself in a rarely accessed pocket of my suitcase.

E-mail down on the Org*

FYI, e-mail seems to be down. Hopefully, it’s a temporary glitch. It looks like they may be mid upgrade or something, but being mid-upgrade at this hour means something went wrong somewhere. The host I use is actually located in Florida, so it’s not weather-related (for those in IL who might have suspected weather).

As a quick reminder and FYI, an alternate e-mail to reach me is tsukata at gmail dot com, but I only really check that address when the Org e-mail is having issues.

Domain Campers

At some point in the recent past, got picked up by a domain camper company. (Non-geek definition: A domain camper picks up recently expired or newly popular domains, sits on them, and sells them for a tidy profit.)

Long ago, when I was looking for a domain, I looked at first. It was, at that time, owned by a Japanese company that seemed to be in some kind of service industry. The front page just said “site coming soon” essentially, in Japanese. That led me to get instead and to create what is now The Org*.

The campers set a price of $250 for the domain ownership, including all rights. I made a counter-offer of $100, knowing that it’s highly unlikely anyone else wants the domain, given that I’ve been all over the net, and I’m the only tsukata that I’ve found. The counter-offer was rejected. They did offer to throw in “” as a freebie.

I was thinking about it. I’ve made the fact that my site is a .org such a part of the site that I’m not even sure I want the .com. I mean, certainly, I want to avoid confusion or issues of people going to the wrong site…but I don’t really get enough traffic for that to be a problem. Still, my site is not commercial, and commercial is what .com is supposed to mean, in long-forgotten domain naming theory. I like to think of my site as an organization. Maybe I’m an organization of one, but point being, my site isn’t here to make money. It’s here to make the net more awesome, in the way that I think anything that spews forth from my consciousness constitutes awesome. 🙂 I also love having org* as my little thingie…it can be an orgy, an organization…even an intellectual orgasm. 🙂 Of course…along those lines, imagine what I could do with com*. 😉


Given that it’s been a year since the wedding, I’m thinking it’s time to clear the wedding pictures off of the website…most of them at least. I’ll probably archive the engagement story, too. The pictures in particular take up a ton of my usable space. I’m not up against my limit or anything, but there’s no sense in keeping them up there at this point…I have copies on my PC, as well as backed up to three different places.

So, if you are a relative or close friend of mine who is inclined to save such things and you have not already downloaded what you wanted to save, you should probably grab whatever you want to keep over the next week. I’ll probably clean it out during the week of the 26th. If you are of slow connection speed and want a burned CD and my lazy arse didn’t send you one like I should have, call/e-mail/harangue me until I do it! I can burn you a CD set of the whole collection. It takes up 3 CDs altogether. 🙂