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Welcome to the Org*! As you may have noticed, this site does nothing to serve the greater good. It is a vanity site. Have fun enjoying what I have to offer!

Why is your domain called TsuKata? Are you Japanese?

TsuKata is my screenname, and as far as net identity goes, it’s also kind of my brand. It’s not actually a Japanese word, although it is similar to the word for “in expert form”; it’s a mashup of a couple of borrowed Japanese words. It happens to be a relatively common family name in Japan, but that has nothing to do with how I chose it. I’m not Japanese, and my knowledge of Japanese language is on par with a Japanese 2 year old.

If you find a TsuKata elsewhere on the internets, chances are that it’s me. The exception is sites that have an international presence, because the Japanese Tsukata’s tend to get the name first. Where I am not TsuKata, I am myTsuKata. (The “my” is a coding reference. I jokingly call it a declaration of self.)

So you’re not an organization? What’s up with your site being .org?

Well, .com was taken. It’s that simple. Some Japanese company that has never used the domain bought tsukata.com before I could, and as of my writing this, a domain squatter company wants a few thousand dollars for it (to which I responded, HA!). tsukata.org was available. It also makes for a nice site name. I like having the Org*…it’s an organization of ideas, an orgy of information…whatever I want to use it as.

You keep mentioning this DH person. Who is that?

If you read a reference to “my DH,” that’s my Dear Husband aka Scott aka Toonces. Before we got engaged, he was known on this site as He-Who-Has-Not-Yet-Been-Named, or HWHNYBN.

We got engaged in January of 2005, and we got married in Las Vegas in April of 2006. We’ve been together in one form or another since October of 2002.

Who’s Pancake?

Pancake is my adorable kitteh! We adopted him from a local shelter. Photos and some of his “meows” from Twitter are on his page.

What about B*, the Moos, ANs, etc?

To protect my friends’ privacy, I don’t use their real names. I create shorthand aliases so that frequent readers can follow the train of thought. So, each of those aliases represents a person (or people).

Why do you call yourself fat?

The war on obesity is a war on all of us. It gives the thin, the “normal”, a false sense of security in their health by conflating body size with health measures. Despite overwhelming medical research and scientific evidence to the contrary, doctors, individuals, the media, and even the US government continue to insist that obesity represents a health risk. In reality, losing weight via fat diets and yo-yo dieting have been more causally linked with health risks than remaining fat. Further, it has been scientifically proven that healthy movement and eating produce better health, even when they do not result in weight loss. Using weight as a metric for health, despite the fact that most fat people will not lose weight in the long term, despite the fact that the attempt may actually harm health, harms people of all sizes by falsely indicating progress (or lack of progress).

The solution is Health At Every Size (HAES)®. I’m an associate member of the Association for Size Diversity and Health (ASDAH), and I encourage you to thoughtfully read their materials. But, to go back to the question, I believe one part of stopping the madness in this area is for fat people to be out and proud. That starts with our language. We must treat fat as an adequate descriptor, like thin or tall, not an insult.

I am fat. I am also short with red hair. I’m a runner, but even if I weren’t, that I’m fat doesn’t automatically make me anything except fat.

On a lighter note (no pun), what kind of games do you play?

I play German-style games aka Euro games, e.g., Puerto Rico, Pillars of the Earth, Empire Builder, Agricola, Dominion. I also play console games (XBox 360, Wii), and yes, I am a little ashamed of that as a former PC gamer. I’m an infrequent Bridge player, and I’m claiming that I’m a Life Master whether the ACBL recognizes it or not (stupid black point requirement, grr).

However, and I cannot be clear enough about this, I DO NOT DO RPGs. I do not like RPGs. Role-playing is not a game; it’s a method of foreplay. Do not talk to me about your RPG character or campaign or whatever. Railguns were made to take care of role-players.

Speaking of that, how do I contact you?

You have some options here. You can comment on this, or any, post. You can e-mail me (make sure to delete the indicated letters before hitting send!). I’m on Google Talk, and I’m on Twitter as myTsuKata.

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