I can do this.

It’s that time again, time for the most amazing commercials you’ve ever seen to show up on YouTube and elsewhere. While I intend to do my usual run-down and review of the offerings when the time comes, an early favorite has crossed my feeds:

I love this so much. I love it because it puts video gaming on par with Chess and Football. I love the subtle call-outs to the anime and to the game mythology in the lead-in. I love that there’s diversity. And OMG, I teared up a little at the end. Yes, we can do this.

Part of me is like, how has it been 20 years? Part of me is like, how has it ONLY been 20 years? Just 20 years ago, this screen was state of the art on a handheld gaming device:
Pokemon original

Now, we’re just a few cycles away from having a location based real world Pokemon game on our phones…on our wrists!

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