Going home ID-free

Amazing, but true: it is faster to get through the Orlando airport security without an ID than it is to get through with one.

I had three security guards checking my stuff, but I got my own private line, while DH joined the masses. I was done, re-assembled, with shoes on by the time he came out and plopped onto a bench to re-lace.

But, I’m ahead of myself. The morning started with us sleeping in and enjoying the hotel’s internet. The shower was a lavish experience, and I felt like I was betraying Disney by enjoying it FAR more than my Port Orleans shower. I washed away my face paint. It washed away easily, with minimal scrubbing, and there was no bleed onto my pillow from last night. Awesome!

We packed and then had lunch at BW3. We had access to the hotel’s pool all day, so we went for a swim after lunch. The hotel’s pool had a shaded area! And, the jacuzzi was in the shade! Woohoo! Granted, it was cooler in the shade, but I loved that I could swim with less fear of the sun. Then, we relaxed poolside for a bit while we dried off, before we changed back into street clothes.

Because our joint credit card had been stolen, DH had to talk to the rental car main desk when we returned the car. It was going to be auto-billed to our card, so he had to switch the billing. While he stood in line, I re-arranged and re-packed stuff to be more compact.

I finished up my Accounting homework once we got closer to the gate, and we changed into warmer clothes just before boarding. Mr. and Mrs. Moo picked us up from the airport (they are awesome for this, btw) in the snow. Pancake was thrilled to see us. He nom-ed a Nutrigrain bar while we were gone…all over our bed. But, it was a minor mess that was easily fixable and the poor kitteh had probably gone a little more than 24 hours without wet food. Our flight was on time, and our luggage came out fast.

All in all, it was a good trip home. I’m glossing over a few hiccups and stress moments, but as I said, flying home without ID was really no big deal. I showed the gate guard what identification I had (school ID, a couple of credit cards, the police report info), and I went on through. I think they re-packed my stuff better than I had. 🙂

Editor’s note: And that ends the backposting Disney saga. Hope you enjoyed the show! If you ever want to read the full saga or link to the Disney trip and nothing else, the link is http://www.tsukata.org/tag/disney09/. Just remember that you have to click on the post title to see the whole post. 🙂

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