Death by Delicious

We just got back from dinner at Victoria & Albert’s at the Grand Floridian resort. It was an amazing meal. (I will come back in and insert the menu later.) While we ate, because it was all hoity-toity and there wasn’t much to do but eat and chat, we decided to play “What’s their story?”. We looked at all the other tables and tried to decide why they were there, what their relationship was, etc. It was pretty fun, and given that DH and I had spent the past 4 days together, we didn’t have very much to talk about, aside from the deliciousness and oddity of our food.

Earlier today, we checked into the AK Lodge. It took only an hour or so for our room to be ready (checking in at 1pm, 2 hours before official check-in time). We got upgraded to a savanna view room for free, which was sweet (but also expected based on what my DH had learned from Disney podcasts). We have a terrific view of a little watering hole and copse of trees. There are some very smart bunnies that stay on the proper side of the “invisible” fencing (actually wire rake shapes that are colored to match the landscape and are just high enough to discourage wildlife without being intrusive).

Just after we checked in, we went to the pool. I was texting with dreadpirateains, who was at the Animal Kingdom with a friend, as to when we’d meet up. The pool was huge and very refreshing. DH had fun going down the water slide as a means of quickly introducing himself to the cool water (the pool was in the shade and it was only around 70 degrees out…but all Disney feature pools are heated, so it was still comfortable…just an adjustment). We water danced in the pool and played around before retiring to the nearby hot tub. You could see flamingoes from the pool, in their own enclosure, and just on the other side of a set of trees near the hot tub was an enclosure with water buffaloes and other beasties. So, as you soak, you hear grunts and stuff. It was so cool. (We can also hear grunts from outside while we’re in the room, now that it’s nighttime and quiet.)

We had a drink from the poolside bar while we dried. dreadpirateains and I agreed to meet up at the lodge when they finished dinner. (DH and I had reservations at Victoria & Albert’s for 9pm, so we were abstaining to save our appetite.) So, DH and I took some time to look around the resort and take pictures. Dusk is one of the best times for beastie-watching, and sure enough, there was a fun scene at a watering hole. First, imagine the theme from the Star Wars cantina. Now, the pelican is snapping at the beastie, but he snaps at him from like 2 feet away, like warning snaps. And all we could think about is that the pelican is like, “Heee doesn’t liike you. (pause) Iiii don’t liiike you eeeeither.” The pelicans also fought amongst themselves. (picture of the Cantina fight)

We also sat in on story hour, where a very kind and soft-spoken African woman told us the story of Spider and all his tricks. Then, we changed into our fancy clothes before we met up with dreadpirateains and cohort. (BTW, ains – didn’t you or B. take pictures of all of us? Could you send them when you get a sec?) We showed them around the resort and then rushed off to the Grand Floridian to watch fireworks before our dinner reservations. The fireworks were cool, and it was good to see ains. 🙂

The Grand Floridian is daunting, although it’s a stark contrast with its sweaty and park-weary guests. There’s a mini-orchestra playing music that sits on the 2nd floor. It’s very ornate.

We really enjoyed V&A, although it felt like it might have been better with another couple to share the experience. It’s really something that it seems like, the more people you have with you, the more fun it would be…but at $125 a head, you can’t go nuts with it. 🙂 They gave me a rose, and we got souvenir menus of what we had. We found the mens’ costumes to be much more interesting than the womens’, but then, I’m a sucker for tuxtails. Also, the hostess showed us to a separate anteroom where we took some pictures…she was really sweet and kind. They called ahead to the valet, so our car was waiting for us by the time we got downstairs. I mean, really, I could get used to that level of service…but I won’t! 🙂 The food, I enjoyed, but really, it was the service that I enjoyed more. You could feed me ordinary food with extraordinary service, and I’d be happy.

We saw Christmas being disassembled at Animal Kingdom when we got back. We got a cool picture of half of the tree. 🙂 Tomorrow, we’re going to Animal Kingdom in the morning until my parents get into town. I’m looking forward to a fun day with animals!

Relevant photo albums: Animal Kingdom Lodge, Victoria & Albert’s.

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  1. I will attempt to extract the pictures from Beth. This will require some mild harassment. I’ll see to it!

    Good to see you too! We will have to get together and cause mayhem again soon.

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