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This site is where I keep all my stuff. It doesn’t serve much purpose beyond that. If you’re here, it’s probably because you already know me. But in case you got here by searching and stumbling onto a post you found useful, just know that this is something I play around with in my spare time and not much beyond that.

If you’re looking for my older posts, the archive is posted here.

Please do not steal my content. Also, what I say and post here represents me solely. This site is neither a product of nor a representation of my employer nor any other organization in which I’m a participant.

Why do you go by TsuKata?

Long, long ago, there were these things called screennames on the internet. When you signed up for internet service or into a new BBS, you’d pick a screenname. Back in those halcyon days, I picked TsuKata. I picked it because my college was the Green Wave (i.e., a tsunami), because I was practicing karate at the time (which introduced me to the term kata for a series of moves), and because my screennames previously had always incorporated “Kat” (I was once KitynKat, TsunamiKat, and a host of other variants). I was also studying Japanese at the time and looked up that tsukatta meant “in expert form”. And I’m the kind of arrogant ass that considers that definition a plus.

I know your real name!

Yeah, it’s not exactly a secret. It’s posted in several places on this site.

Why does this site have an org TLD?

Mostly because the .com was taken. There’s some squatter company that has and refuses to sell it for less than five figures, despite having never done anything with it.  So, this was the next easiest TLD in line.  (Keep in mind I created this site back in ye olden days when there were only three TLDs: com, org, and net. Country TLDs weren’t even a thing yet.)

What happened to all your old blog posts?

I decided to clear them out so I could play with my site design without the clutter of 10+ years of posts. But you can still get to them (namely posts from mid-2017 and earlier) if you had one you wanted to look up.

Who is DH? B*? Some other initialism?

DH stands for Dear Husband. Most other initialisms are stand-ins for friends or family. Because this site is fully public, I keep things a little protected from casual searchers. It’s not that hard to figure out who everyone is, if you have a starting point or really want to.