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Our day in Tallinn was rainy and chilly. Tallinn is mainly known for its near-intact medieval city walls, as well as many medieval era buildings. On a better weather day, visiting the gardens at Kadriorg Palace would have been on our list, but instead, we opted for a brief city tour (on our own).

After leaving the ship, we opted (after some debate) to take a taxi to the start of our walking tour. I suspected that we’d be much happier that way versus walking uphill in the rain with very little scenery, as the area between our ship and the city was mostly industrial. Tallinn is built on a hill, as one might expect for medieval cities. When we took the photo at left, just before starting our walk in the city, we didn’t notice the McDonald’s. But hey, look, McDonald’s!

This is going to end up being a fairly uneventful entry. Tallinn is probably better enjoyed on a day with nicer weather. We made do, but neither of us were particularly enjoying our tour. We followed our guidebook’s walking tour to see some of the historic buildings. We went inside the Russian Orthodox church, which was ornate and had a very unique smell from the incense and candles. I also felt terribly guilty being inside in my garish (but effective) poncho, so we didn’t stay inside for very long. We saw a view of the city and harbor from one of the viewpoints.

As we were leaving, DH decided to detour to the ferry port (we discovered many of these cities on our cruise are connected by ferries, making it easy for a non-cruise visitor to hop around) to use the wi-fi. I opted to walk toward the ship. On the way, I browsed the craft stalls. I have no idea how much the cruise ship was charging for the vendor that were there, but the crafts were pretty neat. I picked up some gifts, and I ended up buying the sweater poncho that you’ll see me wearing in future photos.  Tallinn is known for its knits, and the sweater was discounted because they were having trouble selling that color combination. I loved that coloring from the moment I saw it, though.  And btw, I get compliments on it every time I wear it. It’s great for days when it’s chilly out, much less binding and annoying than a coat but still warm.

We ended up being some of the last passengers to get back onto the ship, in part because we both totally misguessed how far we were from the ship when we were in the craft/shop area. I had parked at a cafe to wait for DH (the cafe had wi-fi), and it turned out we were still a good half mile from the ship. (Another set of similar buildings were closer to the pier, hence our confusion.)  We made it on, though, and ended up spending a few hours in the hydrospa warming ourselves up after our chilly day.

Photos follow. They’re all captioned with details. I think they tell the story of the day fairly well. We saw a lot of fun sights in Tallinn.