Rainy Trails & Avalanches (Old Robe & Big Four hiking)

A burst of warm weather in May had upped the frequency/chance of avalanches, and a friend and I decided to go watch some from a safe viewing location.  We also decided to hike the Old Robe trail but were stymied not far along by a washed out section that was only crossable by balancing on a mossy log.  As my back was aching (which was at a point where I was unable to walk easily the next day), we opted out of balancing on logs in rainy weather and instead left early to go to Big Four for avalanche viewing.

It may be tough to see in the photos, but it was definitely loud and clear in person!  We ate soup and watched geese.  When we heard the thundercrack of a new avalanche, we’d dart out of the picnic shelter into the rain to watch the snow come down.


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