Monkey Rolls

The recent strategy discussion surrounding Arthur Chu’s run on Jeopardy led DH and I to start watching the show again. (It probably goes without saying, but we like Chu’s approach.) Watching the show reminded me of a thing that DH and I used to do: monkey rolls.

When DH and I were still early in our time living together, we’d often watch Jeopardy in bed as we settled down for the night. We wanted to keep score between us, but we didn’t want to have to count the game scores or handle daily doubles and whatnot. So, we kept score using “monkey rolls”. We had a stuffed plushie/beanie monkey, and we would roll him to the left (my side of the bed) when I got an answer correct or to the right (DH’s side of the bed) when he got an answer correct. Likewise, if you got it wrong, you lost a monkey roll to the other side.

If the monkey rolled off the bed before the episode was over, that counted as a win; a win by monkey fall was pretty rare. Otherwise, the side the monkey was on when the episode ended won. We also handicapped based on prior wins, but also based on DH being older and thus having more passive knowledge. (The monkey generally started two rolls to my side.)

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