Seattle-themed Photobomb!

I’ve done a bunch of things in Seattle that resulted in me taking lots of pictures. The albums are up with the photos, and you should totes check them out:

  • Views of Seattle – I went to a party for International TableTop Day at the Columbia Tower Club, which is a private club at the top of the tallest building in Seattle. The views distracted me from gaming, though I did manage to play Ticket To Ride twice and Cards Against Humanity for an hour or so. Mt. Baker, which is only visible for like 10% of the year from Seattle, made an appearance, and I got lots of photos of Mt. Rainier, too.
  • Olympic Sculpture Park – There’s a terrific sculpture park right along the bay. Last weekend, I darted around there and took some pictures. (Duffy came along, too!)
  • Woodland Park Zoo – This is now my “home zoo.” A new friend took me on a tour. I only took a few photos, but I got some really good ones in the mix, particularly of the new lion cubs and the jaguar (who just became a mom a few days ago!).

FWIW, I’m rapidly deciding that Seattle may well be the most naturally beautiful place I’ve ever lived. Charleston was historic. New Orleans was lovely and gothic. Chicago remains, in my opinion, the most beautiful city in the world. But, Seattle is green and surrounded by mountains and water. The weather is faboo for a paleskinned freak like me, and the rain keeps everything clean and shiny. I’m sure it’ll become humdrum soon enough, but for now, I tear up every time I’m driving around and just round a bend and bam, there’s a mountain in the distance.

Edited to add: There’s also some new ones of Pancake in his gallery.

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  1. Well, duh. You were born in the shadows of NW Georgia’s mountains. You walked mountain trails just after your first steps.

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