Rallye History

First, I haven’t mentioned it here directly, so I should: we’re moving! We’re heading to Seattle. I’ve kind of loved Seattle from afar for quite awhile, so I’m really excited to move there. It’s a lot of work to get ready, though. I went through our bookcases today to decide which books to keep and which to give away. (Most books are being given away. The need for paperbacks that I’ve already read has diminished considerably in the Kindle age.)

Along with that, DH and I were deciding which of our old trophies to donate. We decided we wanted to keep the trophy for the first rallye we won together, but we didn’t know which one it was. For the record (since I use this blog as records as much as anything else), the first rallye we won together (and the second rallye we did together) was the Famous Ghost Hunt on October 19 in 2002. The first rallye we did together (which included the infamous abortion-avoidance-clinic-mix-up that nearly led to us not dating) was the Famous Puzzler on September 21st of that same year. Between that one and the second one, I did a rallye with my former rallye partner, Xnera (who still exists!), and my mom. We had lots of fun, but that was the last one I did with her. Awww…good times, good times.

Anyways, DH and I were a pretty unstoppable force once we were doing rallies together. Check out the 2002 results to see us dominate. We also started writing rallies, and the 24 Rallye (themed after the TV show, natch) was our first one of those. We later did one themed for Buffy and one themed for Lost. We also did a non-TV theme called X Marks The Spot that was a gimmick rallye involving treasure maps. 🙂

I wanted to record that info here, as it took some research to dig it up, and I don’t want to have to dig it up again in the future. We are saving all of our dash plaques; we eventually want to mount them on a pretty board. We’re also saving one of the trophies we won in the Ghost Hunt. Rallying is kind of how we fell in love, so it will always hold a special place in our memory. 🙂

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