This has been a whirlwind of trips. We spent Thanksgiving weekend in Detroit, mostly. We visited with family, and we gave out Hanukkah gifts (and received some from our close family on that side). Getting to see the adorable nephews was awesome. I can’t believe AN1 is going to be old enough for his Bar Mitzvah next year! He’s almost taller than I am. AN2 is a hoot. He’s even more of a ham than AN1 was at his age, which is hard to imagine but still true. On our way home, we stopped for an overnight in Indiana. This was one of the first Thanksgiving trips in MI/IN that we’ve done where there hasn’t been snow. There were some flurries in Detroit at one point, but nothing stuck. I skipped out on the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, mainly because they just weren’t that good this year.

Right after Thanksgiving weekend, DH had to go to Vegas for a bit, which gave me time to work on the job hunt. Right after DH got back from Vegas, we hopped on a plane to Asheville, NC to visit a casino down there and then drive to Charleston, SC to visit with my family. Asheville is a really pretty area. I wish we’d had more time there to explore, but I was eager to head down to SC.

For this SC trip, we had decided to rent a house out on Kiawah. DH was doing the Kiawah Islands Half-marathon to close out his 13.1-in-13.1 goal for the year, so having a place on the island was going to be convenient for him to get to the race start. It also allowed us to all be in one place for gaming and such. My parents fed us homemade food all weekend, which was awesome. It was too chilly for the beach or swimming, though still shorts weather for those of us acclimatized to northern reaches. DH and I enjoyed a nice walk around the island at one point, and he even did 20 miles on the day after his half marathon in preparation for running the Goofy in WDW in January.

DH completes 13.1 Half-Marathons in 13.1 States!

We introduced my parents to Ascension and played Empire Builder a few times. We also played sillier games like Zombie Fluxx. Mostly, we enjoyed each other’s company. 🙂

And, I have to say that while the vacation rental wasn’t as easy-breezy as the All Star Vacation Home in Orlando, it was still an awesome experience and certainly a great value. Per night, it was less than staying in a single hotel room on Kiawah would have been, and it was about the equivalent in cost of having two hotel rooms at normal to average city rates. We had a three bedroom house on stilts overlooking a small pond. There were three separate outdoor tables as well as a big dining table inside and a small table in the kitchen. Each bedroom had a small TV, and the main room had a big TV. I’m really thinking that I might try to coordinate “TravelCon” at some point, where I get a bunch of gamer friends together and we get a house at some scenic location but mostly have the intent to play games and socialize all weekend.

All in all, we had a good holiday season, and we were pretty much done with the holidays by mid-December, which was nice. 🙂

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