Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-07-02

  • Got my first ever 1st place finish in an individual bridge tournament with a 68% game! I bid 6 Woot FTW! #fb #
  • One consequence of eating really good food is that your tolerance for crappy food goes way down… #fb #
  • I get to go home from work now. Yay? #fb #
  • Was already a fan of Help products, even more reason now. Info: Buy: #fb #
  • Brief power outage tonight. Kids outside were shouting "NO POWER!" We joined in. Power is back, so of course we now shout "POWER!" #fb #
  • I have too much chocolate custard. I only got a 59% game. I have too many free trips and not enough vacay time. My life is hard! #
  • Was confused because my hair appt was at a time my salon was closed. Turned out I made appt at a salon out of state. D'oh! #fb #

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