Bathroom Remodel Complete!

Our master bathroom remodel is all done! Well, we still have to wait on the paint and stuff to set before we get to use the shower (so that we don’t screw it up with humidity), but it’s done! We can move stuff in! We can stop living out of a tiny bathroom! Woot!

I wanted to remodel for a few reasons:

  • I wanted a bigger bathtub. Mainly, I wanted one that was deeper. Wider wasn’t as much of an issue. I ended up finding the American Standard Cambridge tub, which is made out of a proprietary blend that emulates cast iron for heat retention and durability without the weight. It’s also fitted with a Deep Soak drain, and so without increasing the wall height very much, it gives a good 4-5 inches of water depth over other tubs.
  • For some godawful reason, the previous owner (or maybe the home designer) had put carpet in the bathroom. Who does that? It would get wet and mildewy and gross. We had one corner where the wall was going soft because of the moisture. Note for others: do not put carpet in a bathroom. I wanted good tile everywhere and waterproofing, similar to what we did with the laundry room and downstairs bathroom after the flooding incident back in ’09.
  • The vanity was out of date and somewhat annoyingly designed. There were only two tiny drawers, the whole thing was annoyingly low, and there was a whole section that was set up to be a sit-at vanity, but that’s just an area that gathered clutter for us.
  • We briefly considered having a separate shower instead of the shower/tub combo, but our space really isn’t designed for that, and neither of us really wanted it. Instead, we installed a cool handheld/rainshower shower head and went with a tub (discussed earlier) that worked in our space.

I decided to use the same company I used for the bathroom/laundry work before. The company is Handymen & Mrs. Helper. They’re a husband and wife team, Rod and Faith, though they have a lot of great people who work with them, too (like Steve, who did most of the work for me here). They do work directly and also do contracting for larger projects like this one. Rod is terrific because he doesn’t try to oversell me on things I don’t need, but he points out practical things that I wouldn’t think to do but which makes tons of sense. For example, he pointed out that we could add a fan to the shower area with a timer to alleviate some of the humidity issues we have in there (which were causing the paint to bubble and peel along the tape edges). I’m very happy with working with them, so if you have a similar need and live in our area, give them a try. šŸ™‚

Without further ado, here’s the pictures:
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