Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-01-30

  • Just dropped off about $1500 worth of stuff to Goodwill. In other news, the entire floor of the iguana room is now visible! #
  • Got my first ever set of BuckyBalls from @thinkgeek today. So far, I am awesome at making amorphous blobs. #fb #
  • Terrific article — "What's wrong with fat shaming?" #fb #
  • RT @eahutton I've got that feeling that comes after watching a rockin' Obama speech: fired up and full of optimism! #SOTU2012 #
  • Nothing is quite as fun as a game of, "Where did my husband hide the remote?" #fb #
  • Hey, @barackobama supports #community #sotu #savecommunity @danharmon #

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