Drawings from the Animation Academy

As many of you know, my favorite thing to do at Disney’s Hollywood Studios (DHS) in WDW is the Animation Academy. It’s a 15 minute class where an animator shows you how to draw a character. I had a “duh” moment as I was deciding what to do with my latest art…I could scan it! Now, I’m sad for the ones I’ve tossed in the recycling bin!

First, here’s a drawing I did of Pascal, the chameleon from Tangled:

WDW DHS - Pascal

This is the second Mickey that I’ve drawn at the academy, and I’ve also drawn Minnie. Point being, I’m getting pretty good at this one, I think.
WDW DHS - Mickey

1 thought on “Drawings from the Animation Academy”

  1. love the art.
    have you looked in your ‘baby book’ lately?
    in there (just inside the front cover, i think) is ‘disney art’ you did when you were very small…but the figures therein are TOTALLY recognizable…i was impressed with your eye-hand skill then.
    still am.

    ps: i “stole” pics of you/DH running…for my wallpaper (at home).

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