New Year’s and my first NFL game

We spent New Year’s Eve at the casino, attending their Rio-themed party. The gallery below are my pictures from the event.
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After putting all three sheets to the wind, we caught a limo over to our hotel, the Milwaukee Athletic Club. In the elevator, we met up with a bevy of bridesmaids from a wedding that they claimed was for Michael and Mark, but was actually Michael & Melissa. Either way, DH and I decided to check it out. We were good crashers though. We danced and were friendly with people, but we didn’t eat or drink anything. After we got done dancing, we headed back to our (very nice and large) hotel room and crashed until 7am.

DH had managed to score us tickets from the casino to the Packers/Lions game on New Year’s Day! It was going to be my first NFL-level game ever, so I was very excited. We boarded a bus with a bunch of other casino folk and headed up to Green Bay. We napped for part of the trip. The group was like a third of the bus’ capacity, so we all had plenty of room to stretch out. It was a chilly day in Green Bay (though not as cold as it often is) with 50mph gusting winds and snow flurries. We were very glad to be there “in style” with the casino, headed to a nice and cozy indoor suite.

Because I’m not much of a sports fan, I looked through the line-up before the game to pick out a player that I would root for. I made the decision using the very scientific method of picking a player that weighs the same as I do. It turned out that he was also my age, almost exactly, and he is a hothead, just like me! So, Kyle Vanden Bosch is now my favorite player, not just for this game, but for all games. 🙂

I had done that so I’d have something to do, sort of, but I didn’t end up needing it, because the football game was incredibly fun. I was truly shocked by how much I enjoyed it. Because I was watching it live, I could see things like how the QB was making decisions on the fly, and I felt like I got a better sense of the game than when the camera is jumping around. It started with a really unusual safety. On the kick-off, a Green Bay player grabbed the ball after it had rolled out of the end zone and pulled it back into the end zone before taking a knee. Then, there were a few ref calls that the Lions had to challenge (completely legitimately), and unfortunately, they lost one of the challenges and thus had no more ref calls for the game by the 2nd quarter. Then, two different times, the Lions should have gotten touchdowns (clear in the re-plays) but the ref called them as incomplete…but because of the earlier ref shenanigans, the Lions couldn’t challenge it to have the replay reviewed. If football was a board game, I would totally call it broken and bullshit at that point. It was ridiculous. DH told me that they automatically do a review of the footage if it’s a scoring play, but even though these are score-affecting plays, there’s no automatic review. That just sucks. Even the Packers’ announcers were sympathetic with the Lions.

It was a nail-biter of a game, too. It was very close and high scoring. So…between the suite’s awesomeness and the game being exciting, it was a really good experience for me.

Photos from the field and the game:
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