Fallout 3

Warning: If you’ve never played Fallout, most of this post will not make sense to you. Also, I’m trying to be vague enough to be spoiler-free, but if you really don’t want game spoilers, don’t read this.

I finally got through the main storyline in Fallout 3 this week. I’d encountered a hiccup near the end of the story that caused me to lose both my companions (they were stuck in Vault 87), and I couldn’t let Dogmeat die like that, so I re-played from a savegame and sent Dogmeat home before going into the Vault. Just to be safe, I also sent Paladin Cross (my lesbian lover, in my version of the story) away before hooking up with Fawkes. I’ve decided to keep Fawkes for the time being, if only because the text to dismiss him seems so mean and Trump-like (“You’re fired, Fawkes.” Really? They couldn’t have just made it be, “Let’s part ways, my friend.” or something like that?). After Raven Rock blew up, I was quickly able to verify that Cross had made it back to the Citadel safely (though I didn’t re-recruit her). Dogmeat wasn’t at Vault 101, though. So, I zapped myself over to the scrapyard and came across three raiders, right where Dogmeat is found. Fawkes and I killed them off, but I still didn’t find my Dogmeat. Just to be sure, I zapped back to Vault 101, thinking I’d wait there for him for a day or so. As the Vault 101 door faded into view, I could hear Dogmeat panting and squeed with joy. My dog! Yay! I saved him! With our family happily reunited, we headed back to my Megaton apartment to stow stuff and rest before continuing to the end of the game. Dogmeat is having to adjust to being a house-pup, as I’m not taking him on anything dangerous. Granted, I’m level 23 now, so he has to be pretty strong, but I have seen a giant radscorpion take him out before. So, mainly, I keep him at home to sleep at the foot of my bed. I have plenty of meat in my cabinets, not that he truly eats any of it.

Later on, in the first mission of Broken Steel, I ran into Paladin Cross again, though she wasn’t named. It just called her “Brotherhood of Steel Paladin”, but from her voice, face, and dialogue, I could tell it was her leading the charge as we stormed the satellite base, with the flamer gun I gave her, I think. She pretended not to remember me (the bitch). 😉 I may still switch back out for her. Fawkes is nice for clearing rooms of minor enemies that I don’t want to bother with (ghouls and whatnot), as well as major enemies that annoy me (deathclaws)…but he also makes the game pretty darn easy. I wonder if cranking the difficulty up would make it harder, even with Fawkes? Hmm.

In other news, I saw a flying deathclaw today, like the ones shown in these videos. Mine was at F. Scott Key Campground, and it was hilarious. It’s the one that is scripted in to kill a wastelander, so it kept re-spawning and then flying up…infinite flying deathclaw! The wastelander was still dead, though, so the deathclaw must have killed him before he flew into the air. The best part was that Fawkes kept trying to shoot at the deathclaw flying in the air. He also got increasingly frustrated that the deathclaw wouldn’t come back and fight him; he kept screaming at the mid-air deathclaws! If I can get the glitch to happen again, I may record it because it’s *that* amusing.

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