Conversation with a Printer

Printer: I see you’ve asked me to print out two photos. I will print out two blank pages of paper instead.
Me: Um, why would you do that?
Printer: Don’t you prefer two blank pieces of paper?
Me: No, not really.
Printer: Yes, you do. This is for you to sketch out your hopes and dreams. Don’t let other people decide what you look at! Forge your own destiny.
Me: But, I really wanted these two photos. (clicks print again)
Printer: Oh, I see. You want more sheets of blank paper. No problem. Coming right up.
Me: NO! I will turn you off and turn you back on again! I swear! Don’t make me do it! (clicks print again)
Printer: Alright, I’ll give you some more blank sheets of paper, but you really need to stop this. It’s bad for the planet. Trees are starving in Africa…or something.
Me: ::headdesk::

(inspired by a conversation I had with my Dad while he was trying to print something earlier today)

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