The Drunk Leading the Blind

After our day in Dubrovnik (which I’ll talk about in a single post about Croatia), DH and I decided to enjoy some late evening hot tubbing.  It’s always a good way to meet some other people as well as enjoy the hot bubbly water.  After some tub-shuffling (one tub’s bubbles weren’t on, and we didn’t know how to turn them on), we ended up in a tub with a couple from Valencia.  They spoke very little English, and DH speaks very little Spanish, but we managed some small talk anyways.  Then, they left and were replaced with another couple…and later a woman joined us who was very friendly.  She was an ex-pat living in Croatia with her husband, originally from Pittsburgh and Alabama.  We were having a good time talking to her and comparing notes on the trip so far, as well as learning about life in Croatia from a US perspective.  She saw something, I don’t remember what, in the distance and I wanted to look, so I went to grab my glasses from the edge of the hot tub, and they were gone! 

Now, I had put them in a very specific spot that was not prone to getting knocked either on the ground or into the hot tub, so I was shocked they were not there.  The only thing I could figure, especially after DH and I hunted for them as well as checking with the bars near the pool, is that one of the foreign couples had picked them up accidentally while gathering their things, thinking they were their glasses or sunglasses.  Our new ex-pat friend, Bridget, hunted around for them with us until her husband returned from checking on the kids, but we had no luck.  We were told that the main lost and found is at reception, so we went down to that floor to check, but again, no luck.  They said to check back as it might take awhile for whoever had them to get them over to reception.  But, at that point, I was tired and now sad, so I was pretty much done for the evening.

The next morning, we checked again after breakfast with no luck.  This was a sea day, so at least there wasn’t much to see.  I did have my prescription sunglasses with me, so I was stuck with the piteous choice of things being dark but clear or unclear and bright.  As is normal for NCL sea days, they had a liquor tasting scheduled.  What was not normal is that this ship, for whatever reason, scheduled all the tastings back to back on one day.  It was martini tasting (my favorite) at 2pm, followed by wine tasting at 3pm, and then beer tasting at 4pm.  DH and I chuckled about how there were sure to be some crazy people who did all three because of how they were scheduled.

We had told Bridget about how the ‘tini tastings tend to be both fun and a good value, and so we weren’t surprised when she joined us there along with her husband, Dave.  Another person we’d met, Sally, also sat with us while we enjoyed various martinis.  DH had gone to a frequent cruisers’ reception before the ‘tini tasting where they handed out free rum punch, so he decided to sit out the ‘tinis.  (He’s not much of a ‘tini drinker anyways.)  Well, as normal, I was schnockered after sampling 5 mini-tinis plus extras from the bartender.  Bridget and Dave also wanted to go to the wine tasting, and DH was up for that, so I went along though I sat that one out.  We ran into some of Bridget’s other acquaintances there, one of whom grew up in Charleston, so that was great fun. 

The beer tasting was next, but Bridget, Lindsay (from Charleston), DH, and I had no interest in it.  Lindsay’s husband, Ian, and Bridget’s husband, Dave, headed down to give it a go.  DH and I checked again at the front desk for my glasses (no luck), and then went to the bar city area to meet up again with our group.  So…DH and I were drunk, but our companions were definitely wasted.  They were barely walking without tumbling.  Bridget was chatting up random men and showing her boobs to them.  It was crazy.  It was hilarious, mind you, but crazy.  Then, DH and I wanted to do the progressive trivia round 1 at 5:45 that was right nearby so we went there.  (I should note that DH and I are enablers, as we fetched spare drinks from the casino for our companions while we got ones for ourselves at the same time.)  We decided our team name should be, “We are so drunk.”  Bridget kept falling out of her bar stool, so she eventually sat in a regular chair and then couldn’t stay in that successfully.  The whole group was loud and raucous.  But, we still somehow managed to get 11.5 questions right and narrowly avoided the best score for that round.  Some spoilsports came over and complained to us about the noise, but, in fairness, we sat at the bar, as far from the main trivia group as we could…and we were able to hear and answer the questions, despite being right next to the drunken crew, so yeah…screw you, old angry men!  We even had some people defect from their teams and come to ours to help answer questions for us (mainly due to Bridget luring them with her assets), so that may have been the real issue at hand. 🙂 

Anyways, after trivia, DH and I left the rest of the group and headed to dinner, figuring we needed some food in our stomachs.  Then, we went back to the room to rest (read: pass out) until the evening entertainment started.  We always enjoy the evening game show activities.  We got up eventually to go to one show and perhaps unsurprisingly, none of our companions made it there.    Also, DH and I both needed to go running, and we felt sober enough to manage that after our brief nap, so we went running around 10pm.  I’m proud to say that either I’m a better runner when inebriated (possible) or the track on the ship is shorter than it says it is (also possible).  I want to think the alcohol was the main contributor, so I can someday plan to do those wine-filled 10K’s.  We also stopped again at the desk to check for my glasses, and they were there!  As suspected, one of the couples had picked them up by accident.  Yay!  I could see!  And just in time, too, as the next day, we’d be in Piraeus/Athens.

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