Swiss Precision Timing? Not so much.

So…apparently, our train from Paris to Lausanne had some kind of computer problem such that the train thought there was traffic on an upcoming track and thus would not go.  As such, we were stuck at Dijon for 1.5 hours, and now, though they said they fixed it, we are sitting dead still again.  This is not a problem for our Lausanne to Montreux leg, as those trains run every 5-10 minutes.  It is a problem for our Montreux-Interlaken OST leg, as that train only happens twice a day and is the special scenic train called the Golden Pass that we very much wanted to take.  We can take a less scenic train at other times, so we’re not stranded regardless, but it is a damper on our plans.  We had a 1:45 layover in Montreux originally, so it’s still within the realm of possibility that we’ll make the 1:45 train, but it’s highly unlikely.

Update a bit later:  Oh yeah, we’re totally missing our 1:45 train.  We’re over two hours delayed now.  The train manager is going to come by to help us make alternate plans.  We ended up stopping twice more after the initial delay.  Fun! 🙂  We have adventures!

And an update from even later:  So, we’re now on a train that goes straight to Lucerne (vs. the Golden Pass special panoramic train we had booked).  This train is still proving to be quite scenic, and we have a note and voucher from our train manager to help us get a refund of the difference once we’re back home again.  There’s lots of cows along the countryside, and I also just saw a herd of deer penned up.  There was a big fence with tons of chickens inside and a coop area tucked off in one corner.  DH is getting tired of me pointing out all the cows.  We just saw a little personal helicopter out our window that seemed like it was going to land but instead just kind of passed close to the ground before going up again.  We’ll now arrive in Lucerne about 2 hours earlier than originally planned, so it’ll be nice to have some extra time there.

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