Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-07-11

  • If I cry like this at the end of long runs, I am going to be a teary mess during the real event! :*) oh and did I mention,#zoomy woot! Wheee #
  • Headed out to do 7.5 miles. Daunting! #
  • is on Google+! 🙂 #
  • In other news, I unabashedly cried in my car while listening to Charlene Strong's story on The Moth podcast. #fb #
  • Jewel-Osco has 12-packs of Coke brands for $1.88! Limit of 3! And you get a free "slim pack" of 8-oz cans. 🙂 #fb #
  • In case it isn't apparent, I a would love a Google+ invite, should any of my friends be able and generous 🙂 #
  • Was a beautiful morning for a run, and 30/45s success 🙂 #zoomy #
  • Hidden mickey on the Domino's pizza box! #
  • The chocolate lava crunch cake from @dominos is faboo! #
  • Landed safely at MKE 🙂 #
  • duffy and I are ready to go home! 🙂 (boarding flight to MKE now) #
  • Have a seat assignment for my new flight and got Popeye's for my free breakfast. :)? #
  • On my way back to ATL…. #
  • And…the flight is canceled. #
  • Total BS as we are sitting here at gate still [1:53 EDT] @delta 0769 5Jul departs ATL Now 1:53AM Gate B33 #fb #
  • FWD: [1:39 EDT] DL 0769 5Jul departs ATL Now 1:53AM Gate B33 #
  • finished Xenocide: Volume Three of the Ender Quartet by Orson Scott Card #Kindle #
  • Another tip for @delta : when delaying a flight for 5+ hours, turn off the automated, chipper "buy a standby upgrade" announcements at gate #
  • So they found crew for flight 769 ATL to MKE, waiting on them to walk over, but srsly, @Delta , why did you even have to look? #
  • Plane is here but apparently we now need new flight attendants. What I don't get is how airlines don't know they need more crew in advance. #
  • Really regretting not buying a blanket earlier when opportunity presented itself. it was so fuzzy! #
  • And now 1245am 🙁 #
  • Good: landed safely at ATL with about eight fireworks shows on horizon. Bad: next flight delayed even worse, orig. 8pm, now 1226am. #
  • There is no need to bring ink and paper into this! #
  • As I have to leave the room in a few minutes and thus lose power…happy fourth! #
  • Grr, argh. must have accidentally pulled the phone charger out of the wall last night. Dead phone this morning. 🙁 #

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