I want a pony!

If there is one thing I’m sick of at work, it’s the “I want a pony!” syndrome. Kids want ponies, because they don’t understand that having a pony requires lots of money and lots of time and effort. All the kid thinks about is how awesome the pony will be once they have it. Yet, for some reason, senior leaders seem to fall into this trap. It gets worse when they decide they want a pony that flies. Then, when you explain to them that ponies don’t fly, they say to give them a regular pony. And when you then explain that regular ponies cost money and time, they look at you blankly and re-state the desire for a pony.

My favorite part is when the person goes to the classic argument used by children the world over: “But, [insert a friend’s name here] is getting a pony!” Nevermind that there is no confirmation that a friend is getting a pony, nor that the pony will be the same…and even if so, that means the friend is investing the aforementioned time and money, somehow. The friend isn’t magically getting a no-maintenance pony that flies.

Ponies sometimes happen around here. Sometimes, the ponies even fly. But, ponies never happen without time and money.

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