1 thought on “Photopost: Pancake the Hunter”

  1. On to another Disney experience. The Meal plan. GREAT, make sure to use all your Table Service, Quick meals and Snacks. We only had one thing that was less than expected. We went to the 50s Prime Time cafe at Hollywood Studios, a friend that was with us had bragged about how good the dinner and the atmosphere was. We went at lunch time 2:10 and got a server named Byron. The food was fantastic but his service and demeanor was less than we expected. We asked for Bread and received it, we asked for butter, (never got it) when we paid he stood by the table wanting more tip. He didn’t get it!!! You do have to leave a certain amount per the meal plan but I don’t think he wanted to pursue it. I recommend the restaurant but not the server. I would rather have eaten at the Sci Fi Diner. The food was fantastic and the service was great.

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