Chersnowbyl Photos and Update

Never fear, dear readers…Pancake and I are safe and warm inside our home. We have power and internet (obviously). I am working from home today, though many of my meetings got cancelled. At least some of our friends have no power, and I suspect there are work people who don’t have power. Our driveway is actually not that bad. It seems most of the wind was from the west, so the end of our cul-de-sac and the west side of our house and deck got the most build-up.

Photos at this link: Chersnowbyl-2011-02. There’s a smattering of them below, but if you go to the album, the captions are more visible. (They only show up in mouseover on the thumbnails below.)

[zenphotopress album=40 sort=random number=6]

2 thoughts on “Chersnowbyl Photos and Update”

  1. btw, knock apart that mass ice at the base of your gutter as soon as you can. the “drips” will build up, freeze, and expand within the gutters — causing potential leaks down the road, not to mention possibly pulling them away from the house.
    just sayin’. 143 πŸ™‚

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