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I’m obsessed with playing Papaya Farm on my Android phone. It’s a Farmville clone, intended to be cross-platform. It’s free. If you’re interested in giving it a try, you can go to this link and use Barcode Scanner (or your barcode scanner app of choice) to scan the QR code.

Unfortunately, the support for Papaya Farm is really minimal. The developer is based in China, and the English instructions provided in the game are both in broken English and not complete. Once you get into it, it’s really fun though. You start with a small plot of land and access to only a few seed types, like carrots. Planting, harvesting, and re-plowing results in getting tools. For example, you can get a carrot blender to make carrot juice. Eventually, when you’ve played for awhile, you start getting repeats of tools and/or needing specific tools. That’s where the social game gets fun. Papaya provides a cross-platform (iPhone, Facebook, Android) chat area where you can meet up with other Papayans and set up trades for tools. This has led to some Type A documentation on my part…I have a GDocs spreadsheet online with all the products I’ve made, what I’m working on, what tools I have available to trade, etc. You can see the public trading page at my Papaya Farm GDoc. I’ve also got a big table of seeds, values, tools, etc. posted there that you’re welcome to download and modify for your own purposes.

If you want to friend me in Papaya Farm, my user name is exactly what you’d expect: tsukata. My avatar has pink hair, and it will say that I’m a US user on Android. (Papaya allows people to duplicate user names, so you need to know someone’s user name as well as a few details to make sure you’re friending the right person.)

I’m also happy to answer questions that people have about the game. Here’s a few tips on using the app to start:

  • In-game money is earned by selling products in the game. Papayas are earned by completing offers, buying them directly (using real money), or referring friends to the game. You also get a regular papaya bonus just for logging in. Papayas have significant in-game value, especially as you progress further in the game, so don’t waste them on early purchases of avatar clothing and such.
  • When you exit Papaya Farm (pressing quit from the farm), you can click your Android menu button to access “Home” (your profile, f-list, and inbox), “Chat/IM” (where the chat rooms are), and other helpful sub-areas of Papaya.
  • If you’re a new Papaya user, a friend (like me) can get bonus papayas by referring you. There’s a field for referrer when you first sign up with Papaya Mobile. Get your friend’s referrer ID (mine is my e-mail address 🙂 ) to give them credit for your registration. They’ll thank you!
  • Chickens and cows can be converted into meat to feed cats and other carnivores. Before you start on a carnivore, raise enough chickens and cows to feed it. Chickens have a better grass-to-meat exchange rate, but it’s faster to get more meat by raising cows.
  • Don’t buy a ranch or farm dog. It requires regular upkeep of dog food, which costs papayas. I can’t tell you how many Papyans are begging for dog food in the chat room because the dog’s animation when he’s hungry is so pitiful. No one can steal from you bad enough to justify the ongoing cost of the dog.
  • Speaking of stealing, it’s a normal part of Papaya. You earn respect points (which gets you periodic bonus items) by stealing from your friends *and* by being stolen from. In fact, it’s a common strategy to leave a pile of eggs laying around in the ranch for people to steal, because you get respect points for every item stolen. Your last fruit on the vine and last product on the ranch generally can’t be stolen, with the exception of “fast” fruits like pumpkins and grass. Someone has to use a special card to steal the last item.
  • However, plowing other people’s fields is a faux pas. Because plowing is how you get tools, and tools have the most value, plowing your friends’ fields is a sure way to lose friends. But, it’s your call in the end. Personally, I never leave my fields unplowed. I plow as soon as I harvest. But, some folks like to leave them unharvested because there’s a theory out there that you’re more likely to get tools if you’re plowing more fields successively. Also, my personal rule is that the “friend plots” (the areas where only your friends can plant) are fair game for either the friend or me to plow once we harvest.

Hope this helps!

PS – I’ve created a Papaya Fan tumblr, since I wanted to play around with tumblr anyways. You can submit questions and tips over there, and I will post it. Papaya Fan on Tumblr

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  1. Yet another example of the whole OCD twist to today’s gaming. I like the puzzle games, where the only brain I have to analyze is my own. 🙂

  2. I wanna know how the animals produce the unlikely different ones, like the peacock producing the rainbow peacock, the squirrel producing the flying squirell and all the different ones like that…is there a certain way/cheat/something u can do to where they will produce the cool different animals? Thankss 😀

  3. Ooh, I wish I knew! I think you just have to get lucky. Some people have claimed that the farm lucky card has helped them get lucky in the ranch, but I’ve tried and it’s not consistent enough to be sure. You could try, if you have a twitter account, to tweet to @papayamobile and see if they answer?

  4. @girly girl: You can visit on your phone to purchase papayas through Paypal. You’ll need your Papaya user name and/or phone number, so make sure you know yours before you go, or else you’ll buy papayas for someone else. You can also go to More > Get Papayas to get to the buy papayas site from the Papaya Farm app.

  5. Looks like they removed the capability to log in using Twitter accounts. I also cannot log in using “new” facebook accounts even though I can play the game on FB with those IDs. I *can* use OLD facebook accounts to log in on my iPhone, just not ones that haven’t logged into Paypaya before… very odd

  6. @baboon brown: Once you level up, you can have more animals in your farm. Another related thought: It seems to me that by having a long breedline (i.e., using a baby animals to make the next generation of adult animals for 1-2 generations), I’m more likely to get the rare animals. Maybe it’s like inbreeding, producing mutations?

  7. by what i can tell, you consecutively log in each day and for every consecutive log in, you get 1, 2, 3 etc seeds. I have only gotten through day 2, day 3 should be tomorrow. =)
    I have received a butterfly card, dog food and the ninja guy so far. I was using HD and could not tell what I got, but after searching I found out, I’m going to try tomorrow in the regular farm and see if I can tell what I got.

  8. I am also trying to figure out what these magic seeds are and/or do. I suddenly had 2, which I planted. They grew, I harvested, but I don’t see new fruits in my storage. Have you figured these out yet? Thanks!

  9. About the magic seeds, What are they?! Ive recieved about 9 of them and i panted them and when i harvested them it said 9000 harvested but then i have no magic fruits. I am very confused! Please help me figure out what magic seeds do, thanks!

  10. I got a magic seed the first day, but I haven’t got anymore since then. I log in every day and its about four or five days since the one magic seed. Did this happen to anyone else?

  11. Someone visited my ranch and in my NEWS section it says I lost money to them because they beat me in something. This happened to anyone?? What exactly did they do????

  12. I think that’s the dragons. I think they can only attack you if you have a dragon egg or dragon, and I think the dragons fight each other. But, I don’t know for sure. I had that happen to me after I’d taken a dragon egg from someone’s ranch. After I sold the dragon egg, it didn’t happen anymore.

  13. magic seeds randomly give you things i think, like dog food, butterfly cards, papayas, invisable gown etc. no idea how you get the seeds though! they just seem to appear, the other day i had 40 but i dont know how i got them, so now i have loads of goodies and over 600 papayas! 🙂

  14. Let me clear this up magic seeds are used for getting papaya, bfc’s (butterfly cards), rbc’s (rainbow cards), dog food, secret gown, lucky card and papayas…I doubt we get fertilizers. Papaya gave them to us because they probably want to help us out if we don’t have the papayas to buy those things that’s my opinion. You can also plow more magic seeds which is kind of rare sometimes since they give you more goodies lol. There are three types of Dragons Neutral ($150,000-lvl50 or up), Evil ($200,000-lvl55 or up), Upright (1000 papayas-lvl60 or up). Dragons can attack each other or other farm animals. If the person doesn’t obtain a Dragon or Dragon egg you are most likely to beat them. For example if they have cows or some other type of animal. If you have all Neutral Dragons you will get beat by both Evil and Upright Dragon and Evil gets beaten by Upright Dragons. Upright Dragons beat both dragons but it can’t beat another Upright Dragons same goes with the other two dragons. Hope this helps 🙂 Add me nickname is the name above and im level 102

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