Alaska Cruise Recap (2 of many)

Written at 10:50 AM 6/29/2010 — Photos associated with this post can be found here

We’re currently passing tiny icebergs. There’s a glacier just outside, creeping down between two mountains toward the water. I saw a bright blue iceberg before I could see the glacier and wondered where it came from, but that’s where!

Earlier this morning, just after having breakfast at the Great Outdoors, we saw several pods of whales go by. One whale came out of the water briefly and then banged his/her tail on the water several times, so there must have been good fish nearby. It was amazing. That alone was worth the trip, and watching the whales with the binoculars justified that purchase, too. Seriously, good binoculars (mine cost ~$60, so I didn’t even go for the best ones or anything) are worth it for this trip. DH brought some little cheap ones that he had, and he swears that they don’t even make anything bigger.

We met up with some folks from the CruiseCritic boards yesterday afternoon and then had dinner with them. They were very nice and fun to chat with. I did a martini tasting in the afternoon and got hammered. They bring you five mini-martinis for $15, including a dry martini, a cosmo, an appletini, a French kiss, and finally a chocolate tini. It was funny that everyone was sitting very primly and not talking to each other at first, and then after the first martini, everyone was like, “Hey! How ya doin? Where ya from?” 🙂 Grey goose brings out the friendly.

While I was tasting tinis, DH did trivia games and met up with a cool couple who are marathon runners and also enjoy lots of the same TV shows that we like. Speaking of, one of the channels on the TVs onboard is basically just replays of entire seasons of sitcoms, including Big Bang and 30 Rock. We also saw the end of Star Trek on one channel, and we watched part of Wall-E last night. Percy Jackson is playing periodically, but it’s been hard for me to justify staying in the room to watch it.

I had been wanting to go in the jacuzzi, so we enjoyed that. The cool weather and sprinkling rain meant we got a private jacuzzi. I do really like that the NCL Pearl has two adults-only jacuzzis and a large adults-only pool. Then, we had dinner with the CC folks, played Majority Rules in the Spinnaker lounge, did live band karaoke in the Bliss lounge, and then DH wanted to do the Dancing with the Pearl Stars contest/event, and he ended up being one of the dancers. I took video of most of his performances.

DH was exhausted after dancing, so we headed back to the room to curl up in bed. Now, we’re about 60 miles from Juneau. We dock at 2pm, and we leave Juneau at 9pm. We won’t have a ton of time in port. Our first priority is checking out the Mendenhall Glacier and surrounding trails. Second priority is going on a whale watching boat that is hopefully smaller than the massive ones that you can book through the cruise ship. 🙂

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