Mindgames 2010 – Day 2 (#mg2010) – My Ballot

Well, I’ve played every game that I care to play. I mean, there are seven more games that I haven’t played out of the entire group, but I have no interest in playing those. A few are solitaire puzzle games, and the rest are either ones that I’ve been told are bad or are ones that just don’t interest me as a genre.

My ballot is:

  1. Pentago Multi-player – I really debated giving this one the slot, because it is basically just an add-on of something that has won a Mensa Select before…but it’s a really good game that embodies the Mensa brand.
  2. Fish Stix – It’s just fun. It was a strong contender for first. It’s got enough strategy to be fun to those that want to play it strategically without excluding or losing value to people who want to play for fun only. It’s got a nice Ingenious element, with a much prettier and more pleasing aesthetic.
  3. Q-bitz – Another one that embodies Mensa brand…and it’s accessible. Anyone could be good at it, I think.
  4. Anomia – A nice improvement on Snorta with a bit of pop culture/trivia thrown in for good measure.
  5. Tri-Cross – Abstract strategy that is eminently playable, accessible, and enjoyable. It’s not one I’d play every day, but I wouldn’t turn it down.
  6. Bisikle – RV is chiding me for including a dexterity game, but it’s just really fun with good components. Even if dex games aren’t exactly “mensa” esque, you’re telling me Apples to Apples is???
  7. Word on the Street – It’s a nifty party game with a tug of war where you try to use words with letters that you “pull” to your side, and the words have to fit a random theme. Worth playing.

Games that I would have nominated if they were on my list include: Cornucopia, Stix & Stones, and Arimaa.

So that’s it. I’m headed down now just to play games for fun and help other people finish their ballots. 🙂 As before, you can view my entire list with comments, ratings, etc. at Mindgames 2010 Ratings/Ballot.

PS – For those who don’t know how Mindgames works or what it is: Mindgames is the convention where Mensa selects games to receive the Mensa Select seal. Game designers and manufacturers can submit games that either haven’t been released yet or were released in the past year and have never been submitted before. In addition to being entered as possible seal contenders, they get back ratings cards that we fill out with feedback on the game, like where we see potential for improvement or notes on ideal marketing or play. Each Mensan Judge is required to play a random selection of 30 games (assigned when you register). The judge must complete the assigned 30 games to submit his/her ballot for the award. (Yes, you have to complete 30 games in less than 2 days. But, as you can tell from my posts…it’s not that hard to get through the list, especially if you’re a frequent gamer who can digest rules quickly.) The judge may play additional games not on their ballot list but may not vote for those additional games. At the end of the weekend, the votes are tallied, the winners are announced, and the 5 copies of each game that were submitted by the makers are distributed to the judges as a thank you for participating. You are only eligible for the free games if you submitted a valid ballot.

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