Hilarious GOP Valentines

The GOP has posted rather hilarious Valentine’s eCards making fun of Democrats. However, much like Chicagoist, I think that they’re actually probably as funny if not funnier for us liberal folks. Still, I desperately wish I had the time to do up a mock counter site. Scott and I are flush with ideas:

  • With a picture of Sarah Palin: I wrote this Valentine on my hand, so I wouldn’t forget.
  • With a picture of George W.: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED …oh wait, I haven’t sent it yet.
  • With a picture of Mitch McConnell: Don’t expect any Republican support for this Valentine.
  • With a picture of Scott Brown: I wrote this Valentine from my truck.
  • With a picture of Mark Sanford: Let’s hike down the Appalachian Trail for this Valentine’s!
  • With a.p.o. Jeff Sessions: I will give you this Valentine as soon as you give me funding.
  • With a.p.o. Lieberman: Do you mind if I’m their Valentine, too?
  • With a.p.o. Sarah Palin: How’s this Valentine-y lovey stuff workin’ for ya?
  • With a.p.o. Tom Tancreto: I’d like to be your Valentine, but only if you can pronounce or spell it in English.
  • With a.p.o. Dick Cheney: This Valentine deserves no constitutional rights.
  • With a.p.o. Larry Craig: Tap three times if you’ll be my Valentine.

Any other ideas? 🙂

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