I can hear you now

My Awesome brother-in-law and adorable nephew #2 spent a few days with us this past week. AwesomeBIL was installing a surround sound system for us in the basement, to go with our casino-won HDTV. He also built us a custom unit for everything to sit on, and it looks really good. The sound system is amazing for L4D2. I can hear exactly what direction the hunters and spitters are coming from. In fact, last night, I finished The Parish for the first time.

So, pictures!

Here’s what it looked like before, with the old TV:

And now here’s what it looks like:

We’ve got a 7.1 surround system and plenty of storage space for components and controllers. And, right now, DH is running in the basement while I’m upstairs, and I can hear the TV as clearly as if it were here. Hmmm… 😉

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