DH Running!

For those who don’t follow the twitter feed, DH finished the half marathon in 2 hours and six minutes, averaging a 9:38 pace per mile. It was sleeting and raining for the first part of his run. There was even snow on the ground at the start point. Fortunately, he wore layers.

His parents and I tried to follow him on the course, but we ended up being just behind him for all but the first checkpoint. He was too fast for us! 🙂

His parents and I braved the cold. We huddled under an overpass while waiting on him to run by.

Here is DH zooming past the Ticket and Transportation Center!

We tried to catch him at the Magic Kingdom, but we were too slow. But, the castle was really pretty, and the crowd was energetic and cheerful for the racers.

DH is all done! Next, we raced to the car to get warm.

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