A Winter Day At Work

Today was a beautiful winter day. This post on the Enjoy Illinois Blog caught my attention early in the day and got me investigating cross-country skiing (you know, because regular skiing isn’t exhausting enough for me 😉 ). So, that put me in a winter mood. I decided to take a long lunch break to run an errand out in McHenry, IL (about a half hour from my office or home). While I am working today (and tomorrow!), there’s so few people here that I can really work at my own schedule, which I LOVE. I got spoiled to having my own schedule for the 5 years or so I worked prior to this most recent job, and having a manager who believes in having you in the office from 8am to 6pm and knowing exactly where you are when you aren’t is really grating on me. I mean, seriously, this is the most monitoring I’ve ever had, and this is the most senior I’ve been…how ironic is that? At any rate, having a return to my previous self-management has been a welcome change.

From 1pm to 3pm, I went out and got to enjoy a surprisingly warm day (I should note…warm in this context = 29 degrees, which means that I don’t really have to put on a coat to run from office to car or car to shopping). There was a light dusting of snow in progress. It wasn’t floaty, fluffy snow…more like a smattering of frozen raindrops that are too light to be hail. Still, it was nice. Driving to McHenry was lovely, because most of what is between here and there is farmland (horse farms, corn farms, etc.). I drove past a large lake that had lots of ice-fishing huts. You know, I want to walk out on a frozen lake at some point. I’ve never done that..and the ones that are thick enough for trucks and fishing huts are my best bet for safety.

After my errand was done (returns/exchanges at what is now my closest available Lane Bryant…I swear, I love their bras and pants, but between the outrageous prices, arbitrary coupons/sales, and the fact that they’re at least 30 minutes away from me, I’ve taken most of my business to online shops…the only reason LB gets any business from me now is because they do at least have in-store returns for online purchases), I grabbed lunch from Steak & Shake during their 2-4pm happy hour promotion…1/2 price shakes and beverages! I had a peppermint chocolate chip shake that I could only finish half of, but it was delicious.

As for now, I’m still at work, but I’m headed out soon. I’m hoping the car wash will still be open, as Victory needs some attention. 🙂

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