Snow! For the blowing!

This past weekend, in anticipation of the zOMGWTFSNOWYQ!!!!FIRST WINTER STORMIZATION!!!!, we bought a Craftsman 250cc 28″ Two-stage Snowblower. Today was my first chance to use it, on the 2-4 inches of wet slimy snow that had accumulated on the driveway and walk, plus the six inches at the foot of our driveway (snowplow leavings).

So, filling the snowblower up with gas, reading the manual for how to turn it on, making sure I knew how to work the controls, and then clearing the driveway, end of the driveway, walkway, and plow accumulation area in front of our mailbox took me about thirty minutes. For comparison, doing that would normally take me and DH, working together, around 1-2 hours, depending on how good of a job we wanted to do…and the snowblower did a MUCH better job than we did. It was also fun to zoom around behind the snowblower (it’s powered, so it drives itself), though turning it is kind of a PITA and requires some muscling. Despite the snowblower, I still got very warm inside my long down coat and ended up shedding my hat and gloves to keep from sweating too much and thus getting colder.

So, I’m buzzing up and down the driveway at midnight, all happily snowblowing. I even took some time to do detail work here and there, but stopped short of really detailing the end of the driveway. I only had one “Ack! Jane, stop this crazy thing!!! Oh yeah, I just let go to stop,” moment, and no damage was done. 🙂

I drove it back up into the garage and went to park it…at which point I realized I had no idea how to turn it off. So then I had to fumble for the manual (which I’d put away while the engine was warming up) while it sat there humming away to find out how to turn it off properly. I mean, I could just yank the safety key, but I suspected that there was supposed to be some other things done first. I was right, too…you’re supposed to turn down the choke before you yank the key.

Overall, snowblowing was a fun experience. Normally, on snowy days, DH manages the snowplow end of the driveway, while I manage the light accumulation on the driveway and the walk, and apply salt as needed. I think I’m going to make him change jobs with me. 🙂

Oh!! And I’ve decided the snowblower needs a name. Any fun ideas?

3 thoughts on “Snow! For the blowing!”

  1. How about “The Bumble” ?(Named after the cute Abominable who is helped by the Dentist Elf and made all sweet & cuddly in the puppetry version of Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer)

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