Las Vegas, St. Louis, & Home

First, a Vegas round-up:

DH and Ms. Moo did very well in the HTA semi-finals, but not good enough to advance. Their googlers, me and Mr. Moo, did an excellent job…we tracked down all sorts of fun clues for them.

We stayed at Planet Hollywood at first, which was awesome, because I’d never stayed there. (DH and the Moos had flown out earlier in the week than I did.) It was also convenient for us because that’s where the HTA race was starting from. Below is the view from our room at Planet Hollywood. The room itself was unremarkable. It was decorated with memorabilia from the movie Volcano (somewhat ironic since I’d just blogged about Dante’s Peak). The buildings in progress are the MGM City Center.

View from the room on Twitpic
View from our PH room on Twitpic

On Saturday, we moved into a room at the Palazzo, which is technically a separate casino from the Venetian, though it feels like an extension of the Venetian. This was another hotel that was new to me, and our room was definitely deserving of photography:

Our room at venetian on Twitpic
View from our venetian (actually palazzo) room: on Twitpic

We had an amazing view of the Wynn golf course. In the picture above, you can also see the convention center in the upper left. The convention being hosted was for amusement park ride attraction creators and operators.

DH had recently achieved Seven Stars status with Harrah’s, which has many benefits. One of the benefits is a giant comp for a “celebration dinner”. So, on Saturday night, we had our celebration dinner at Bradley Ogden at Caesar’s, with the Moos. We had decided to go somewhere nice but not necessarily opulent, because we wanted to be able to drink our way through our comp. ๐Ÿ™‚ The restaurant was excellent. I definitely recommend it. They have an amazing (seasonal) drink menu of fun ‘tinis. Toward the end of our evening, we still hadn’t used up our comp, so we all got fancy desserts and drinks. I decided to try one of the latest trends: ice wine. It was delicious, like biting into a fresh and perfectly sweet grape. But, it’s definitely a wine that you want to have in small doses as it’s sweeter than any wine I’ve ever had before.
This is a $40 glass of wine...and it is spectacular! #fb on Twitpic

After that, we saw Peepshow at Planet Hollywood as a group. DH, who has seen this show many times, told us that we had the second string cast and seemed to be missing a character, but we probably wouldn’t have noticed. The show had cute music and dance numbers, with plenty of opportunities to see flesh.

We went clubbing afterwards, to take advantage of another Seven Stars benefit: front of line access. That was AWESOME. This was Saturday night, mind you, and on a fight night, so the lines were insane. One club we went to had to have had at least a hundred people in line, as well as separate “VIP” lines and “single women” lines. DH flashed his card to a bouncer, and our group got escorted into the club directly…no waiting, no line. Awesome. ๐Ÿ™‚ One guy in line tried to like flirt with me to get me to take him in with me. Ha.

But, the bad part was that the clubs were really crowded, and I’m getting old, I guess. I just wasn’t enjoying it much. I saw a fistfight nearly break out between two guys, which kind of freaked me out. And, I felt like these clubs just aren’t that fun. They make you pay for bottle service if you want to be able to sit down anywhere, and the dance floor is totally minimized to make room for more bottle service areas. When there was a dance floor, it was packed, so you could barely move without running into people. But, cutting through lines was so much fun that we did it three times. ๐Ÿ™‚

The Moos went home the next day. We hung out in Vegas for one more day. We ended up not doing much of note. I had a cupcake from a bakery in the Palazzo, and we had lunch at the Grand Luxe Cafe one day, which meant I got to have duo creme brulee (one dish of chocolate creme brulee, one dish of vanilla creme brulee…and sorry, I’m not looking up the ascii for an accent aigu). Then, we flew to St. Louis, where we were picked up from the airport in a sweet limo. We had an awesome suite at the casino there.

Room 1 of our st louis room on Twitpic
Room 2 of our st louis room on Twitpic

We also visited the St. Louis arch and the City Museum. The arch is really cool. To get up to the top, you have to crawl inside these little tiny pods. They ascend you up to the top of the arch, INSIDE the arch! They’ve been in the arch since when it was originally built…they were invented just for the St. Louis arch! The doors to get inside the pod are only four feet tall, and the pods can seat five people at most. Fortunately, it was not very crowded on a rainy Wednesday, so we got a pod to ourselves.

(Click the thumbnail to view all pictures from St. Louis.)

The City Museum is a museum that is more like a giant playground. You just kind of wander around and play with things. DH went on a slide that was ten stories tall (it was a spiral slide so you wouldn’t go too fast) and lots of slides that were 1-2 stories tall. I did not go on any slides, but I did play in the ball pit. The museum also has a big outdoor area that you can climb through, but it was closed because of the rain.

That night, we flew home. That’s when I started feeling sick. It turned out that I had a flu, and DH caught it about two days later. I ended up working at home through Thanksgiving mostly. We’ve been watching lots of movies with RiffTrax, including Twilight and Star Trek.

More pictures from our trip: Vegas-2009-11, StLouis-2009-11

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  1. I’ve read stuff on the ‘net that indicates Ball Pits should be banned, for all the hepatitis, cold, and other bad bugs that harbor within them. That might be where you found yours! Ewww

  2. If ice wine is a new trend, I guess for once in my life I’ve been way ahead of the curve. I’ve been drinking it and loving it for years.

    The best ones are Canadian or German, however I’ve found several excellent ones from NY and the price is much more agreeable. For $30-$40 a bottle you can find some very good ones and considering you only drink a small amount it goes pretty far.

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