A Test Of Your Deductive Skills

What can you deduce from this sign?

Now, first, what can you deduce from this sign?

ANSWER (highlight to the right of this to see): The floor is frequently slippery.

If you got it right, congratulations on your skills of deduction. I guess if you can’t make that deduction, you deserve to fall on the floor. šŸ™‚

Also, from the graphic, it seems like the sign is actually warning you that the floor frequently contains Portals. šŸ˜‰

PS – This is a joke, not a real test. If you got here by googling…this probably wasn’t what you were looking for. šŸ™‚

3 thoughts on “A Test Of Your Deductive Skills”

  1. Elementary. Therefor it was the last thing i deduced.
    Others being.
    :The person in the picture is right handed. (When gripping something the hand you use most often is the hand that requires the least grip on an object)
    :30 something white male.(obvious reasons)
    :The picture was taken a while back(judging by the phone model)
    :And the picture was taken in a bathroom after use but before washing of hands
    (again obvious, When going to use the bathroom your almost in too much of a rush to
    notice a signs play on deduction and when using an electronic device,
    people normally don’t want it wet & either towels are behind you,
    in which you wouldn’t have noticed the sign or in front of you
    in which the sign sparks your interest 1st.)

    Thanks for your time if you read this and for the 35 sec. it took to deduce it all.

  2. It says :

    “Please Watch your step

    Floor is frequently wet
    Floor is slippery when wet”

    from there it states that floor is “FREQUENTLY” wet

    therefore the having that the floor is “FREQUENTLY” wet
    it also means that the floor is “FREQUENTLY” SLIPPERY . . . .

    as simple as that,.???? ^ _ ^,

  3. i deduce that because of the “floor is frequently wet”, and the picture was taken at a men’s bathroom… it must be wet because they have to clean it a lot, all for the simple reason of men dont be able to pee correctly in the urinal, instead they pee on the floor, therefore i recomend to watch your step otherwise you will fall in urine

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