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It is beautiful here. There’s this long and winding mountain road that we drive to get to the inn. (Speaking of, I highly recommend the Mountain Springs Inn. It’s comfortable with what has to be the best view in Kentucky, and the innkeepers are friendly and personable. Also, it has wi-fi in the lobby/common area and a dog and 3 cats to keep you company just outside on the porch.) The road is dotted with horse farms and cow farms. Horses are often grazing just inches from the road (with a fence between you and them, but still!). The inn is situated on the ridge of a mountain overlooking a small valley between it and another mountain. It’s been chilly and wet, or else I would have gone hiking. I bet the trails are gorgeous.

Photos (will be updated with more if I manage to take them…I’d like to get a picture of the kitties and the puppy dog, as well as some of the scenery on the way here): BereaKY-2009-10

Tonight, we had dinner in Berea (the closest town) at the Main Street Cafe. (I am unwilling to dig up the code for an e with accent ague.) We got fried green tomatoes as an appetizer, and that was delicious. I appreciated that they had Coke Zero as a diet soda option (along with regular diet coke). Also, we were treated to great live music…a singer who reminded me a bit of Rufus Wainwright in tonality and song style. I ordered their mystery dinner, a two course meal that is a surprise. They won’t tell you what it is in advance, but they promise it will be good. It’s their most popular dinner!

The mystery dinner ended up being an Asian salad (mixed greens with spiced pecans and tangerine slices, and a cherry vinaigrette dressing that was perfect…I wish I could buy that dressing!) and linguine with steak and shrimp. It was yummy! Mommy got the Dutch meatballs with rice, and she said it was a bit salty for her taste but still very good. After that, we walked around the block to look at the little shops (just window shopping, as Berea rolls up the carpet at 7pm). Then, we drove a little bit down the road to the nearest ice cream parlor, Blondie’s. Mommy had a cherry ice cream, and I had a lemon cupcake with buttercream frosting. The cupcake cake was like angel food cake with lemon flavoring, and it came with a metric ton of frosting. There was literally more frosting than cake, enough to fill my mom’s ice cream cup AFTER I’d eaten my fair share. What a waste!

We’re cozied up in the lodge while my mom writes an e-mail about the trip and I write this blog post. It’s been a very relaxing weekend. This inn would be great for small gatherings. I wouldn’t mind coming back here in the summer sometime, when the weather is more forgiving.

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  1. I’m “back in the saddle again” but wanted to take a quick minute to give you a HUGE HUG for being kind enough to join me on my Mountain Runaway trip. I enjoyed your company and seeing the grins on your face. I don’t get enough of that stuff anymore, despite teh gallery.

    I stopped at the bottom of the mountain and shopped a bit before I left Monday morning. I will be sending you a “souvy” along with the other thing. I hope you like it.

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