Grayslake Farmers’ Market

I had a great time at the Grayslake Farmers’ Market on Wednesday. It’s one of the few farmers’ markets in this area that operates on a weekday evening, instead of on a weekday morning or afternoon. I’d been meaning to go for most of the summer, but one or another thing always interfered. A desire for berries finally motivated me to get over there, and it was lovely. It was like a street fair. There were all sorts of yummy produce booths, as well as 3 different fresh butchered meat vendors with their freezer trucks. I ended up getting some raspberries and some blackberries from a farm that’s actually near the Moos’ house. I also got a small package of apple-infused ground pork, for making a burger or two at some point. My last purchase was a small package of homemade Apple Donuts, from an orchard in Harvard. Every vendor was very friendly and not at all pushy. Most of them offered me a sample or two before I bought anything. And, generally, the prices were on par with the local grocery store.

There were other odd and assorted vendors, too. I bought a plate of fresh fried veggies (tempura style) from one booth that was kind of partnered with another booth…they bought the veggies from the booth next door, and you could specifically pick out your mix of veggies and have them fried or grilled for you while you wandered around, in about ten minutes. Or, you could get a pre-made mix right away. There was a funnel cake vendor, and a hot popcorn vendor (who was also selling “raw” corn and corn kernels for home popping…he was a corn farmer from a few blocks away!). There were several people selling sauces that they’d made themselves. For example, Two Fat Guys Sauces had a booth, and the eponymous guys were there selling and providing samples! (It was very tasty, but I just don’t barbecue enough to go through a bottle of sauce.) Another booth was Grayslake Massage, and they were doing dollar-a-minute chair and arm/hand massages with all proceeds going to benefit Save-A-Pet (a very large no-kill shelter in our area).

I ended up having fruit and veggies for dinner that night, which is a rare (but deliciously satisfying) thing for me. 🙂

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