Taipei Trip

So, I’ll be leaving town this Friday evening to go to Taipei again. 🙂 I’m looking forward to it. On the plus side, the timing is good in that I’m not in school yet (still on summer break that week). Also, the food is just so darn good over there. I could easily live off of that food, and, by and large, it’s better for me, too. On the minus side, I’m missing spending a week with my adorable nephew (AN1)…and I’m really heartbroken about that, more than I expected to be, but DH and I are thinking that I will go with them to deliver AN1 back home, thus giving me at least the fun of a long road trip with him. Also, if I can manage to not be too jet lagged, we can have some fun the day before he leaves.

That having been said, I already know that I will have 1-2 days of tourist time in Taipei. My flight arrives at 5am Taipei time on Sunday, and I need to make sure I stay awake that day to combat jet lag. So, for that day, I will definitely be doing some tourist things. I’m thinking about making a reservation for the hot springs in Beitou. I could almost go straight there from the airport and save my company some TWDs in the process (as even the most luxurious room in Beitou is 1000TWD less than my hotel in Taipei). But, I don’t know. I’ve heard mixed reviews of the hot springs, and, particularly during the summer, the hot water might not be as appealing. So, unless I just get a burr up my butt to take the MRT out there, I’ll probably stay near the hotel. The Hyatt hotel in Taipei is awesome, and I can spend that day doing nearby activities, like shopping and museums, or enjoying the hotel amenities (indoor pool, really nice gym overlooking the city).

I also don’t have any meetings scheduled on Monday, so that will probably end up being a light work day, leaving me time in the evening for activities or shopping.

Speaking of shopping, were there any souvenirs that anyone reading this blog wanted from Taipei that they didn’t get last time? Also, is there anyone who wants to be on my postcard list for this trip that isn’t normally on my list? 🙂

2 thoughts on “Taipei Trip”

  1. Yes a few postcards would be great. But don’t put them in the mail, just bring them back. 2-3 that you like.
    Anything else that looks fun too.


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