I’m at the WBCs! So far, I like this convention. The people have been really nice and friendly. There’s a significant population of female and young gamers, which is a nice change of pace. There’s a bunch of restaurants in easy walking distance, plus the hotel puts out a really good spread at its various snack bars at a reasonable price. The hotel is older, but it’s nice enough once you take that into account…and the rate was really good. Plus, the best part is the games. I was afraid the “every game is a tournament” aspect would bug me, but the net result seems to be that people take the games seriously instead of just assing around. Also, the GMs REALLY take the games seriously. They take care to make sure the event is run smoothly and to resolve rules issues fairly. Many of them keep detailed statistics on the games that will be compiled and posted in a game report later this month.

The only exception to my praise for GMs has been the Empire Builder event. The GMs are really lax, if they show up at all. There’s little if any randomization of the event seating. And, for example, DH was in a game yesterday that they added a relatively unfamiliar player as a fifth person at the last minute…which meant his game ran a good hour longer than the others without being anywhere close to done. Plus, the GM originally said they’d adjudicate the game at 1:30, but then the GM left and didn’t tell anyone how to resolve it. Another GM helper came in and said to keep it going until 1:45 or until the original GM came back, but the original GM never came back. Then, that GM wanted to keep it going until 2pm, but a bunch of the players protested, as most of them were now going into their next event with almost no break, once you figure in time to break down and put away the game. (The one guy who wanted it to keep going was the unfamiliar player, who also was generally slowing the game down by asking irrelevant questions during his turn and such. And I mean, I’d feel bad for him, but he showed up late and let himself be added to a game as a fifth player, knowing that he didn’t know the game that well…and then was generally asshattish on top of slowing things down unnecessarily.) So, point being, I’m avoiding EB events here. Maybe I’m just spoiled to the TGA’s organization. I criticize the TGA often for being clique-y and often biased toward the clique, but they do run an excellent tournament.

The downside of the WBC is that it’s 2 hours from the nearest major airport. It’s also a con that runs 70% of its “open” events during the week. (The weekend is mostly semis and finals, with a few of the super-popular events still doing heats, e.g., Puerto Rico, St. Petersburg, TTR.) Thus, you really need to arrive by Tuesday evening. Granted, that’s only one day earlier than I’d typically arrive at GenCon, but the point being that, if you don’t make it into a final, Saturday and Sunday feel like wasted days, I imagine. But, I’ll see how that goes.

So far, I’ve qualified for the Power Grid semi-final and the Stone Age semi-final. DH has qualified for the Vegas Showdown semi-final.

I miss my Pancake! 🙁 I wish he could travel with me.

Speaking of travel, I found out 2 days ago that I’m going to have to go to Taiwan for work, leaving the Friday after I get back from this. I don’t mind going to Taiwan again (Din Tai Fung!!!!!), and the timing is good in that I’m not starting school yet. But, the timing sucks in that our Adorable Nephew #1 is visiting us that week. I’d been looking forward to taking him to cool things and generally spoiling him rotten. As is, I may get to see him briefly on Friday afternoon after I get back from Taiwan, but that’ll be it.

That’s all the news. 🙂

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  1. My LJ buddy Hobbles (wholeinmysoul) passed away this morning. You’ll remember (or not) that he lived about 6 blocks from my work. He & I had lunch together several times for a while but then he got really down (mentally & healthwise) and stopped our lunches. (His idea, not mine.) He had a kitteh much like your Pancake in looks who I have offered to take in, if the family (who treated Hobbles like crap) don’t want him. I totally understand missing your kitty. I’ll send him an e-hug via “his” page.

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