Lancaster, PA
Lancaster, PA

First, click to open the image in a separate window so that you can look at it while reading this. ๐Ÿ™‚

Notice in the upper right that they provide a radius map with distances from Lancaster. Richmond is just inside the 250 mile circle. Cleveland is just inside the 250 mile circle. But, if you look in the bottom half left, you can see that the approximate distances show that Richmond is 232 miles away (expected)…but Cleveland is a whopping 363 miles away. Now, look at Toronto. Toronto is just outside of the 250 mile circle. However, the distance in the chart is 467 miles.


2 thoughts on “Map FAIL”

  1. It is true that some of it is crow vs. roads. However, Cleveland is actually a straight shot to Lancaster on the turnpike, so it makes no sense that it would show up as 363 miles instead of 250 unless the radii are off.

    That having been said, we also noticed that Lancaster is not in the center of the radius map, which is an epic fail in its own right. A radius map is useless if the center isn’t the place that you’re wanting to show distances to/from.

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