Update on the boys

First things first: to receive the latest updates on my DH’s surgery (for family and friends), please watch either my facebook or the twitter feed in the right-side sidebar…or follow me on twitter if you’re so inclined. My sn on twitter is “myTsuKata”. Tweets will be duped to Facebook, so either way will work. However, I’ll only write longer blog posts like this as I have time.

We’re at the hospital, me and MIL and FIL. They’ve taken my DH back to get started. I met all his doctors. One of his poker buddies has a wife that works here as a surgical nurse, and she stopped by to reassure all of us and explain anything we had questions about, as well as to wish DH well. DH was in good spirits, and I know he really appreciated having all of the good wishes from everyone. He was way braver than I was. πŸ™‚ Aside from his bravery, the process was pretty much the same. Oh, and they put stockings on him. I didn’t get stockings. We won’t have news for another couple of hours. He’s getting both surgeries done today, for the bronchogenic (sp?) cyst and for the hernia, with two different surgeons. For the hernia, it’s the same surgeon as did my gall bladder…it was good seeing Dr. Ganshirt again…just as cheery and nice as I remember him.

As for an update on Pancake, he is doing very well. He’s beginning to forgive me. πŸ˜‰ He’s eating well. The medicine he had seems to have given him a little diarrhea, but otherwise, he’s good. But, his appetite is fine, and he is playful and friendly as usual.

We had a good weekend this past weekend, with friends staying at the house most of the time. We saw No Doubt in concert at Summerfest on Thursday, which was awesome.

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