Good Spirits

DH is doing well. He’s in good spirits. I had to share a gift that his cousin S* sent with his parents for him to have after surgery. They’re a bunch of multicolored signs mounted on popsicle sticks for him to hold up instead of talking:

  • I’m [DH] and I’m fine.
  • I’m [DH] and I feel lousy.
  • Where is the nearest casino?
  • I need to go to the bathroom.
  • Do you know how to play poker?
  • Do you call this food?
  • Please don’t poke me again.
  • Ask me about my wonderful cousin [S].

He loved them. By the way, for those who know us well enough to do so, you can send him a card for free at the hospital’s cards site. 🙂

1 thought on “Good Spirits”

  1. Happy, happy, joy, joy. Glad to know he’s doing fine. I totally ADORE the popsicle-stick signs. I have to REMEMBER that.

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