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(Just a quick update for folks who might not have gotten word though other channels.)

Issue #1: Black toe. As expected, DH has runner’s toe. Our podiatrist trimmed it down, got rid of the scabby parts, and basically told him to be nice to it for awhile.

Issue #2: Hernia. DH has a mild umbilical hernia behind his bellybutton. (In a strange coincidence, my father had this same problem a month or two ago!) Our surgeon took a look at it and told him that it will gradually get more pronounced, but that it isn’t causing any issues and as such, DH can get it fixed surgically whenever he’s ready.

Issue #3: Strange thingie seen on ER X-Ray. DH had a cat scan done. He had to drink barium milkshakes. He says they were not as bad as he expected, but that the cat scan was not fun. He had to lay really still, and they had put another IV in his arm so they could put dye in his veins, too. DH’s doctor said it looks like he has an air pocket on/in his lung, and he doesn’t know much more beyond that. After that, we spread the word and found out that DH’s brother has sarcoidosis. So, we started thinking it was probably that, since DH does tend to have a niggling cough that lingers every time he gets a cold. However, our surgeon took a look (during the hernia appointment) and thinks it’s not sarcoidosis because it’s filled with air, not pus or fluid. DH is seeing a thoracic surgeon/specialist next Thursday to try to suss out what it actually is. (My googling has led me to suspect a spontaneous pneumothorax, but that’s only because it’s the only similar thing I can find.)

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