Everybody gets a hospital visit!

Originally, DH and I were going to be doing the LP zoo run this morning. He was going to do the 5K, and I was going to do the 10K. I sprained my ankle earlier this week, so I planned to downgrade to the 5K “fun run/walk” instead of the actual run (which, considering I’ve been sick 3 of the past 4 weeks, made sense all the way around). We went to bed early (for us) last night, at around 11pm.

At midnight, DH woke me up because he was having really bad abdominal pain that was keeping him from being able to sleep. I had him take some Gas-X because he’d had half a low-carb pizza that day, plus sugar-free candy, plus sugar-free cough drops.* But, 30 minutes later, he was still in ridiculous pain and couldn’t lay down without it hurting worse, so we got dressed and got in my car. After one false start at what I thought was a hospital and was actually just an acute care center (and DH wanted a hospital in case he needed surgery), we ended up at the Condell emergency room in Libertyville. It was a really stressful drive. DH was moaning, and I was doing my best to go quickly but not so fast through the speed traps that I’d get pulled over and further slow us down. It was scary. I mean, I wasn’t so scared that I was like, fuck the speed limit…but I was scared that I was making a mistake by not going faster. DH was doing lamaze-ish breathing and stuff. I was worried.

The emergency room admitted him right away. We were in the back within 20 minutes. A doctor came in soon thereafter and poked him much as I had done, and asked him whether he was having a fever or nausea (he wasn’t). Then, she left, and the nurses started checking in. The triage nurse had noted that his blood pressure was high, so they put him on a blood pressure monitor. They put in an IV, which freaked DH out, because he’d never had one before, and he’s not exactly great with the needle stuff in general. (He couldn’t look at my IV when I was in the hospital.) They also took about four vials of blood for testing. Later, we discussed the IV, and we realized he was thinking it was much worse than it is. It’s not like you have a tube the size of the tube you see going into your vein. It’s just a tiny tube, no wider than a needle, in your vein that then has a valve and becomes a bigger tube.

While we were waiting for the tech to come get him for X-rays, he went to the bathroom, and he admitted that he was feeling better after that. Since he was also freaking out about the IV and the associated ouchiness of it, though, he wasn’t sure if that was just negating his tummy trouble. After the X-rays, a nurse came and gave him a bit of morphine. Ten minutes later, he was rambly, not unlike when he’s drunk. 🙂

Then came the long wait. All the testing was in progress, and while a nurse came by periodically just to check in, it was basically just an hour of waiting for news. I had my Kindle to read (Temeraire’s friends are in trouble!), and DH had his iPhone. We alternated between entertaining ourselves and chatting while I held his hand. At around 3:30, the doctor came back and told him that the tests had all come up good. His bloodwork was excellent. She was pretty sure it was just gas, and she prescribed him some stuff to help get it out of his system and warned him to come back if he started having any of a list of symptoms (that were written on a piece of paper).

And, that was it. The nurse went over the instructions with us after taking out the IV. DH got dressed again (he’d only been disrobed from the waist up…well, and he took his shoes off). We headed home, and we sent a message to Ms. Jetson, who was doing the walk with me the next day, to see if she would pick up our race gear for us. Even if DH was feeling better at 6am, neither of us would be in any shape to drive an hour plus to Lincoln Park zoo.

Around 5:30am, the phone rang. It was the hospital. They’d seen something on the X-rays, upon further inspection, that might just be gas or might be a mass of some kind. They want him to get a CAT scan but said it could wait until he’s had a chance to meet with his regular doctor since DH was feeling much better by then. They got his regular doctor’s info from him so they could send the X-rays and concerns over.

So, there still may be something, but considering that, as of now, not only does DH feel fine but he’s arguing with me as to whether he should be allowed to eat his leftover pizza for lunch, it seems that it was just bad gas. 🙂

* Not to be all “I told you so”, but I poked and prodded him in certain key spots, and I told him it was just gas. But, hell, the first time I had really bad gas like that, I thought I was dying, too. And, I only knew about where to check for sensitivity because of my gall bladder incident…they’d poked me trying to figure out appendicitis vs. gall bladder. Anyways, sometimes peace of mind is worth trouble and expense, and in this case, I think it was.

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  1. Absolutely is it “worth trouble and expense” !!

    HUGS for my sweet SIL and reminder that FIBER often has a few carbs, but, sweetie, they’re worth it!

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