Bloody hell!

For once, I am SO happy that I procrastinate.

I have a final tomorrow (in session 9/10 of Strategic Thinking). I made flash cards (at incredibly helpful site CoboCards) for all of the key areas that I needed to be able to rattle off. For example, how should you advance your position as a runner-up in your industry? (Buy up smaller competitors, move into new regions or segments, be first-to-market with a new innovation, find new/unique ways to cut costs) Or, what are the methods advised by Farkas to compete? (do new things in the same ways, do the same things in new ways, or revolutionize your industry) I did a single passthrough of the flash cards but planned to really buckle down today. I mean, the test is going to be applying all of these methods, but I felt I needed to be able to rattle them off in order to make sure my answers were complete.

This morning, I check my e-mail, and the instructor has sent out a cheat sheet that we’ll be allowed to use during the final…a cheat sheet that covers 90% of what’s in my flash cards. If I had studied this stuff yesterday instead of planning to study it today, I’d be SO pissed.

As is, I’m now taking today as a fun day. B* is coming over. We’re going to play games. So there!

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  1. moi just spent 2+ hours filling out the same stupid 11-page (eleven page!!!!) security form that was completed in 2000. wtf??!!! wth didn’t “they” keep it on file? and, get this! the form is an “interactive” pdf, meaning you can type on it to fill in the empty spaces. cool! only, duh, you STILL HAVE TO PRINT A HARD COPY to sign. have “they” not heard of digital signatures, esp’ly since “they” require us all to have one!!!???

    thanks for the link to cobocards. i shall pass that one along to some friends.

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