Capitalism FTW!

We’re spending this weekend at the Gopher (Minnesota) Bridge Regional, which happens to be at the Mall of America. Our hotel is literally in the parking lot. Were it not for an annoying fence, we could walk there pretty easily.

Since DH and I were hungry when we got in yesterday, we headed straight to the MoA for food. We ended up eating at Famous Dave’s, and it was tasty. Then, we walked around the 3rd floor and part of the 2nd floor. The 2nd floor seems to be a bunch of stores that are not unusual, but the 3rd floor had a game store and a bunch of kitschy stores, like a store of just socks, a store dedicated to cat and dog items, the As Seen on TV store, and a Minnesota-themed store.

There are roller coasters in the mall. I’m going to make DH ride them, so I can enjoy them vicariously.

Edited on 5/27 to add: You can view the photos from this trip at this link, in the Gallery of the Org*. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Capitalism FTW!”

  1. a little bird (hee) told me that the elevators there are quite amusing. inquiring minds want to know if you found time (hee) to test one (hahahaha). 143

  2. I found home plate, but JC was not with me at the time.

    By the way, JC’s pictures of the Spongebob ride do not do it justice. The roller-coaster is called a “euro-fighter”. It has a single car that goes up 90 degrees to the top of a 75-foot hill, then down at a 95 degree angle before going into a loop.

  3. I thought the roller coasters were fun … but boy was I mistaken when I found out we could be riding the elevators for free!

    Anyone who gets the chance to check out of the Mall of America Elevators, please do so. Don’t waste your time with the convenient escalators that are located everywhere.

    Oh … and PS … bring a good kindle *cough* book *cough*!

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