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I’m sure this will be far from the last time that I use this blog to help with my MBA projects. 🙂 For this term, our group project is to present a strategy to help improve business at Regal Cinemas. (Topic chosen by yours truly)

Toward that goal, I thought it’d be good to collect some consumer data. So, I’d really appreciate it if you would not only take the survey linked below but encourage anyone you know to take the survey as well. It’ll be open for the next 2 weeks for responses.

Click here to take the survey (hosted at

Also, if you notice any problems with the survey or think of anything I should ask that I’m not asking, let me know.

PS – OMG, watching this survey as people take it is so much fun to me. I had fun putting it together, and I’m loving the data mining. It’s not coming out how I expected in a few categories, but it’s really fun seeing how it does come out. I’ve already written two “advanced” data parsers that are cutting the data in different ways. I’ll make sure to share any interesting insights on here when it’s done. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Help me with my MBA”

  1. Problem at screen 2:
    Keeps returning to “remove $ sign” nag, despite my having removed not just the $ but the “pp” as well.

    Original answer: $10.00pp
    Current answer: (post nagging) 10.00

    Still getting the nag. Then tried just “10” and that worked. So I had to remove the “.00” to get past this screen.

    **Suggestion: put a “format style” indication on this question or allow “$” and “.00” and “pp”

  2. Only suggestion at the end was to add an additional age screen for those in post-retirement (over 65) as they might be less likely to pay full price for tickets due to financial constraints. (plus lumping folks 45-65 in with all those “elderly” folks just hurt my feelings!!!)

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