The Pooh Room

The last touch on the Pooh room is complete:
My pooh room! on Twitpic

The series of pictures toward the back is a relatively hard-to-find set of prints released by Disney back in 2001. I wanted them for my apartment when they were released, but I couldn’t afford them at the time. I found them on eBay, though, and I even got them far cheaper than the going rate because the seller quite possibly didn’t realize the value of a complete and undamaged set to collectors. Anyways, the set is called The Four Seasons of Pooh and shows the Pooh characters doing an activity for winter, spring, fall, and summer. I arranged them in a pinwheel both to evoke the cyclical nature of the seasons and, more practically, because it doesn’t require any special coordination on my part to make sure that they’re all straight with each other. 🙂

On the door, I have a hand-painted Pooh Room sign, also obtained on eBay and customized to my chosen text and coloring. The artist did an excellent job of color-matching to the color of the room. I am incredibly impressed. Click this link to see more items from this artist. I promise, you won’t be disappointed in her product or her customer service.

The other Pooh accent in the room is a set of baskets that are lined with Classic Pooh fabric. I got those from Target. I’m using one to hold the spare toilet paper (on the far side of the toilet). One is being used as a magazine rack. The third is on the sink as a catch-all place for things that I use frequently.

Yay! I’m so proud of this room. 🙂

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  1. Oh. NOW I get it…the POOH room. Ha ha ha. Somehow I’d thought that you were redecorating the Pink Bedroom upstairs, not the newly redone bath DOWNstairs. Duh. I guess then that the anniversary gift won’t go in there after all. ‘Tis okay. So where did you put it then? In the basement? 🙂

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