Cancun Part 2/3 (April 1-3)

Our trip is almost done, and we are so sad!

We decided to blow off Chichen Itza. It’s a 3.5 hour bus ride each way (7 hour round trip), plus it costs a fair amount of money ($65-110 per person) to go. If we were just laying around a normal hotel, it’d be one thing, but we’re living in the lap of luxury here.

On April 1st, we went on a shopping trip that the Potawatomi group coordinated. We went to Plaza 28, which is a big tourist-oriented shopping plaza, with Mexican trinkets and crafts. It’s a place where you haggle, and I have to say that I’m not fond of the haggling. It makes the whole experience very high pressure, because you can’t easily just go and comparison shop. There’s no knowing the price until you start talking it over, and then it’s hard to leave. They’ll chase you down! Also, just for the record, if you are a person who does not get a souvenir, it’s mainly because I didn’t see anything that I thought you would like, and I didn’t want to just bring you some random piece of Mexican crap. πŸ™‚ We did get what would be good deals in US money…like a t-shirt for our adorable nephew for $2. Still, I don’t like the haggling. Just tell me a price and let’s be done with it. As DH put it, “Shopping is hard. Let’s do math!”

Later that afternoon, I did a spa treatment for my sunburn. It was a hydrating and cooling wrap, with an ice massage and a scalp and face massage. Before the treatment, they have you do this marine therapy circuit. You start in a jacuzzi-like area with jets positioned just at your lower back and calves. Then, you go to this big metal roller bed and lay on it, half in the water, and the bed starts spitting out bubbles so it feels like you’re floating in bubbles. After that, you go through a series of bubbles and waterfalls that massage your legs, back, shoulders, and neck. Last, you go through an ice plunge followed by a warm plunge before settling onto a warming bed to relax. The treatment was nice, but the water circuit was really fun.

On the 2nd, we started our anniversary with breakfast in bed. I had a continental breakfast with sweet rolls, fresh fruit, and English Breakfast tea. DH had scrambled eggs with cheese, ham, bacon, and sausage. Then, we did the usual lolling about and swimming.

We’ve been really enjoying the activities, and we did a few of them that day. I took a towel origami class. It was very windy, which made towel origami challenging. I can’t wait to leave little towel animals at people’s houses when I visit!

We both went to the beach for the first time since we’ve been here. (Well, DH had been for volleyball, but he hadn’t gone in the water.) The sand is very soft, and the water is quite warm, like a bathtub. Even yesterday, when it was cloudy and cool all day, the water was warm. We didn’t stay at the beach long. I like pools better.

Then, DH went to play volleyball while I read and played games on his iPhone. We’ve both gotten addicted to a game called Flight Control. You guide the little planes onto the runway by dragging a route for them, and you try to avoid collisions. The retro aesthetic of the game is very nice. It reminds me of TipTop. I’ve met at least three other Kindle users while I’ve been here. I’m in Kindle country! πŸ™‚ (You can go to my reading lists on this page to see what I’ve read recently or am reading now.)

Everyone is very friendly. You can’t help but meet people. We met a lesbian couple from Cincinnati, another lesbian couple from Boston, a het couple from Boston, a bunch of people here for a wedding, a couple from Romania, and two friends from Canada…plus the folks we’ve met from Potawatomi. We’ve made two good friends from Potawatomi, a pair of sisters. Oh! And we met the Romanian couple at the Japanese restaurant, where we had Hibachi. You know what is strange? Eating Japanese food, prepared and served by Spanish-speaking Mexicans, while conversing with a Romanian couple, half of whom speaks perfect Spanish and English and the other half of whom speaks only Romanian and broken English. DH discussed football with everyone, because football (soccer) is the universal language.

For our anniversary dinner, we went to the French restaurant. It was very good. Because it was our anniversary, they set us a table with rose petals on it, which was nice. Before that, we played chess with a giant chess set. It was less like chess and more like, “Hey, I didn’t realize you could take my piece from there!” πŸ™‚ We do not have mad chess skillz.

Today, we have been lazy. We did water aerobics in the pool with a bunch of people. I probably spent more time in the pool today than I have any other day this trip. DH played water polo. Other than that, we just read and relaxed. We’re going to the Tapas restaurant tonight.

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