Cancun Part 1/3 (March 30-31)

We are enjoying sunny Cancun! The hotel is exquisite. Short of that one night in the super-penthouse at the Rio, this is easily the nicest place we’ve stayed. Pictures of the room and resort are below. On Sunday, we mainly napped and settled in. They do a nightly show here, and we watched the show that night. We had a late dinner at the Lobster house, and it was delicious. It’s so nice staying at a true all-inclusive. Not having to worry about how much anything costs is very nice.

Yesterday, we started the morning with a quick breakfast followed by a step aerobics class. The class turned out to be private, as we were the only people who showed up. Then, we swam for awhile in the giant pool network. DH did beach volleyball with a group of people while I relaxed on our patio with my Kindle. I’m reading Robin Hobb’s Assassin series. Amazon gave the first book in the series away for free, a technique that is very good for drug dealers and book sellers. 🙂 We swam some more before getting dressed for dinner. Dinner does require dressing up here, although not horribly fancy…just no beachwear or jeans. Packing for this trip was a bear, just because I needed swimwear and cover-ups, workout clothes, daily summery garb, and evening wear. Plus shoes! Last night’s dinner was a group dinner with all the Potawatomi winners. We’ve met a few folks from the casino that we like. DH hung around for the pirate show. I was having a bit of a caffeine withdrawal headache (I’m not drinking soda much at all here…mainly water and libations), so I stayed in the room to read and relax.

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